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Jedi Force User - Jedi Investigator Master Path's

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Shadow Covenant:
A Shadow Covenant was a Jedi Agent for the Jedi Covenant who had been all but erased from all official documents and was known only to a few of the Covenant's members. Separate from the Jedi Order, the Shadows were based on the same concept as Jedi Shadows, though these agents were tasked with hunting down Sith artifacts. Among some of the captured treasures were the last Epistle of Marka Ragnos, Jori Daragon's amulet and the Eye of Horak-mul. Around 3,963 BBY agent Celeste Morne was given the task of finding the Muur Talisman on Taris. At this time, there were at least 30 Shadow Jedi.
After the execution of Operation: Vindication, all Shadows were either killed or taken into custody by the Jedi Order. A few survived however and went on to serve the new Jeid Grandmaster Jolie years later.

Target Acquisition: The sole purpose of a Covenant is to slay those the powerful darksiders that cannot be redeemed and acquire darkside artefacts. When a Shadow Covenant begins his Path at level fifteen, he gains the Target Acquisition ability. This grants a Covenant double damage against a target that a superior has ordered them to kill. This must be as part of a formal assignment, the Covenant cannot gain this bonus from, for example, an order to kill in the midst of battle. This damage bonus stacks with all others.

Silent Mercy: Stealth and lethal precision are vital to aShadow Covenant's role. Whenever a Covenant attacks an opponent who is caught unawares he does one and a half times damage. This ability is gained at level sixteen and stacks with all other damage bonuses.

Improved Target Acquisition: At level seventeen, bonus damage against a Covenant’s target is increased to triple.

Additional Resource Access: Often times, Shadow Covenants must stay out in the field indefinitely, waiting for the right moment. Such operations require a great deal of cash to make sure things run smoothly. At level eighteen, a Covenant gets a second use per Mission of the Resource Access ability.

Greater Target Acquisition: At level nineteen, a Shadow Covenant’s target bonus increases to quadruple.

Purifying Sneak Attack: At level twenty, a Shaodw Covenant's damage bonus from silent mercy increases to double.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Target Acquisition
16 Silent Mercy
17 Improved Target Acquisition
18 Additional Resource Access
19 Greater Target Acquisition
20 Purifying Sneak Attack

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 20
S: 16, 18, 20
P: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
F: 15, 17, 19

Jedi Executor:
The different WatchCircles were led by a single Jedi who was given the title of Executor and acted as a facilitator that managed the logistical details so that the Jedi Covenant group could perform their duties. They were chosen from those that lacked the capacity for precognition in order to ensure that such individuals did not alter the findings of the WatchCircle that they oversaw. In addition to this role, they also reported any findings of the WatchCircle to Haazen as well as gave a report on their activities. Furthermore, they also acted independently where they provided general security duties to the Jedi Covenant.

Jedi Secrets: While in their first incarnationthe Jedi Covenant never passed on true Jedi learning to their padawans. Such strict adherence to the Jedi Code was not practical during their second incarnation, however, and they taught the Jedi Executors many Jedi arts. This ability, gained at level fifteen, allows the Executor to purchase Ranks in Healing as though he were an Jedi Healer without meeting the prequisites.

Lightsaber Secrets: The Lightsaber was as much a symbol of the Jed Executors as it ever was of the Sith or other Jedi. The Jedi Executors made constant use of these weapons, seeing them as the ultimate sign of the Jedi's favor and a sign of their creed. At level sixteen an Jedi Executor gains two Combat Proficiency points that may be spent on either Lightsabers or Lightsaber Forms and he additionally gains the Lightsaber Form Focus Perk in whatever Form he likes.

Grandmaster's Heir: Since their inception the Jedi Executors have commanded the loyalty of others. In the days of Palpatine’s second reign they commanded legions from the bridges of Super Star Destroyers but modern Executors must content themselves with more modest forces. Starting at level seventeen, an Executor begins to attract a number of pro-Jedi followers. These followers may not be Force Sensitive and an Executor is limited to maximum number of followers equal to his level plus his Presence Stat. If the Executor chooses to have less than maximum followers then his followers increase in ability in inverse proportion to the number of followers.

Armored Protection: While all Executors would love to possess the massive ships the Grandmasters put at the disposal of their forerunners, simple reality forces them to be more practical. At level eighteen, the Executor may gain control of a ship. This ship does not follow the normal rules for ships, instead it must have a minimum crew no higher than the Elite’s number of followers. He may have this ship in addition to his normal ship. This ship is subject to moderator approval.

Secretive Stronghold: A natural step in the Jedi Executors quest and duties is the establishment of a stronghold. This stronghold, gained at level nineteen, is large enough to dock the Executors's ship, house his followers and contain several base installations (medlabs, security command, armories, etc.). The size, location and nature of the stronghold are subject to moderator approval.

Organisation and Order: As the Executor reaches the pinnacle of his power, he begins to imitate the structure of the other factions in the Jedi Order in leading his followers. Choosing one of them for instruction in the Force, he elevates this follower to be his right-hand. A right-hand may use Apprentice Powers untrained but has no ranks in any Force Powers. The right-hand has eleven Force uses per Mission.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Jedi Secrets
16 Lightsaber Secrets
17 Grandmaster’s Heir
18 Armored Protection
19 Secretive Stronghold
20 Organisation and Order

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
S: 16, 18
P: 15, 17, 19
F: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Jedi Shadow:

Dubbed Shadows, these elite Sentinels became what their name suggests; shadows of themselves and the Jedi Order. Working in secrecy, the First Knowledge Council would hand pick the ranks of this task force and send its members to locales strong in the dark side of the Force, in hopes of vanquishing whatever artifact or dark side practitioner that may be causing the disturbance and attempting to convert or convince the darksiders involved to abandon their practices for the lightside. Often engaged in information-gathering roles, Shadows were always sure to obtain all possible data on their target before making a decisive blow against them. Due to their missions, Jedi Shadows were often noted for being loners with a black-and-white perception of the world around them. This could manifest itself as paranoia, wherein they saw signs of the dark side in everything—including their own comrades. As such, they were often deployed cautiously and only in times after a great conflict. Shadows did not hesitate in their duty and were willing to betray those that they considered evil, but they often practiced restraint as they recognized that their definition of such foes did not always match those of the Council. Some among their rank believed that more aggressive actions were needed in order to destroy the followers of the dark side.

Guardsman Training: All Jedi Shadows draw on a core set of techniques that define their Path. These combat methodologies form the basis of their later development. At level fifteen a Jedi Shadow receives two Ranks in the Force Pike Exotic Weapon, the ability to use Lightpikes, complete Ranks in Armor Proficiency and the highest Martial Arts Perk for which they meet the prerequisites. Should the Jedi Shadow already possess all of these then he instead receives three Combat Proficiency points instead.

Save A Life: Some Force Sensitives, including the Jedi Shadows, are taught techniques to keepothers alive should they be seriously injured. Though never actually used, historically speaking, these techniques can keep a failing life from flicking out before medical assistance could arrive. At level sixteen, a Jedi Shadow learns this power. As long as the Jedi Shadow does nothing other than channel the Force into the dying being, the target of this power cannot die. Doing *anything* other than breathing, shifting one’s position or saying a few brief words breaks the concentration that allows this power to function.

Repentant Strike: Part of a Jedi Shadow's strategy inevitably involves stealth. At level seventeen they learn to use that stealth to deadly effect. If the Jedi Shadow strikes an opponent unawares then he does one and a half times damage. This stacks with other damage bonuses.

You Shall Fail: The primary purpose of the Jedi Shadow was and still is to hunt down Sith and Jensaarai and as such they have developed special techniques to deprive their targets of their best defense. This ability, gained at level eighteen, allows the Jedi Shadow to create a dead zone in which Force Powers do not function. To do so the Jedi Shadow sacrifices all of his remaining Force Uses (he may rest later for at least eight hours to regain them, as normal). The dead zone then comes into being for a number of turns equal to the Force Uses sacrificed and covers an equal number of square feet. All within are denied the Force, not just the Jedi Shadow’s foes.

Ultimate Protection: Perhaps the most identifiable aspect of the Jedi Shadows is their armor and, at level nineteen, they learn to utilize it to its fullest effect. Any armor worn by the Jedi Shadow is considered a Rank higher than it is. This means Powered Armor worn by the Jedi Shadow essentially functions as Rank five armor. Furthermore, regardless of its composition, the Jedi Shadow knows how to roll with Lightsaber hits so that his armor functions normally against them. A Jedi Shadow must be wearing armor to gain these effects.

Clear The Way: The greatest of the Jedi Shadows know techniques that make all Force Sensitives around them experience indescribable anguish. Many Sith Masters fell to this terrible power. At level twenty, any Force Sensitives under the effects of the Jedi Shadows dead zone take damage every turn. Only the Jedi Shadow and non-Force Sensitives are immune to its effects, it does not distinguish between ally and enemy.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Guardsman Training
16 Save A Life
17 Repentant Strike
18 You Shall Fail
19 Ultimate Protection
20 Clear The Way

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
S: 16, 18
P: 15, 16, 17, 20
F: 15, 17, 18, 19


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