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Jedi Force User - Jedi Researcher Master Path's

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Jedi Exorcist:

The Jedi Exorcist is a fairly new path created in recent years to combat the growing threat of ever more increasing Sith sects of varying degree, however what few know is that it has more ancient origins that harkin it back to the Brotherhood Of Darkness era of history if not before. A Jedi Exorcist uses mysticism, the force and ancient rituals in an attempt to evict or purge corrupt demons or spirits (the darkside) from the body of a (normally living) human being or their armor and weapons rendering them free of the darkside and thus completely useless. They are often seen carrying a small book full of the various rituals they need to perform to exorcise the darkside from the various different species and locations relative to the force.

Book Of Sacrilege: The outwards most sign of an Exorcist's power is a small book called the 'Book Of Ritual'. Sometimes worn around their waste belt and other times simply held, the book is a great amplifier of the Exorcist's power as a result of the ancient and arcane rituals taken from Sith Alchemy and reverse engineered to work for the Exorcist . At level fifteen an Exorcist acquires his first Book. Its power allows him to use any School of Alchemy untrained even if it is Sith Alchemy to be reverse engineered.

Purging Fire: The Exorcist performs a ancient ritual spoken in Sithese which burns the darksider with the fire of the light of the force within twenty metres of them weakening their connection to the darkside to the point that it burns them if they attempt to use it while this ability is activated. Gained at level sixteen.

Exorcism : An Exorcist is privy to much secret knowledge, however none is more secretive and full of mystery than the ancient Rite Of Exorcism from which they got their name. This ritual is much like that of a priests in that the Exorcist attempts to recite many ancient sithese verses in a attempt to purge or contain dark side manifestations within a person. Gained at level seventeen this ability uses half the Exorcist's alloted force uses. Once per Mission.

Book Of Summons: As a Jedi Exorcist Great Work progresses, he learns to unlock new depths of power with his new 'Book Of The Arcane'. At level seventeen, an Exorcist's Book Of Summons allows him to use any School of both Alchemy and Sorcery untrained.

Let There Be Light: Of all the rituals created or used by Jedi Exorcists, the 'Burning' is easily the most known and the most feared. At level eighteen, an Exorcist learns the secrets of creating such a terrible ritual aimed at eviscerating their target of the darkside via the summoning of a leviathan of pure light and if they refuse, to burn them in the pure essence of the lightside to dust using this creature. No matter how powerful an Exorcist becomes, however, he can never control more than one Light Leviathan.

Eternal Battle: The pinnacle of the Great Work is the creation of an Ritual of Life. Once imbibed, the Ritual causes the Exorcist cease aging, makes him immune to disease and poison and ensures he will never die of old age as to always allow the Exorcist to combat the darkside. Sufficient damage will still end the Exorcist's life, however, An Exorcist ritual may grant him immortality but it will instantly kill any other who attempts it due to having to letting the darkside in and purifying it into pure light.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Book Of Sacrilege
16 Purging Fire
17 Exorcism
18 Book Of Summons
19 Let There Be Light
20 Eternal Battle

Proficiency Points:
C: 17, 20
S: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
P: 15, 17
F: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Jedi Healer:

A Jedi Healer is a specialized field of study within the ranks of the Jedi Order. Those Jedi Knights that wish to amplify the healing abilities taught to all at the Jedi academy will chose to continue study within the Circle of Jedi Healers and the Medical Corps. A healer's role in the Order is self-evident and their existence has spanned millennia; the role is described in conjunction with ways of the Consular in the Jedi High Council approved text, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. The section on Jedi healers was put into writing by the famed Jedi Seer, Sabla-Mandibu. Stationed out of the Coruscant Jedi Temple's Halls of Healing, the healers were led by the Circle and practiced their arts on all Jedi needing medical treatment. Using special crystals to amplify their abilities, the most treasured stones were guarded at the Temple, known as the Healing Crystals of Fire. Drawing on the Unifying Force, Jedi healers served not only in hospitals and medfacilities, but also on battlefields during times of war and crisis.

While the Circle was a group of highly experienced healers, it was led by a Chief Healer who oversaw all procedures within the Halls of Healing. During the Clone Wars, the strict Twi'lek Jedi, Vokara Che held this position, running the facility with a severe dislike for anyone who would interfere in the healing process. Following the destruction of the Jedi Order in 19 BBY and the end of the Great Jedi Purge during the Galactic Civil War, Master Cilghal was chosen from Luke Skywalker's inaugural class of the reformed Order to lead the teaching of Jedi students who wished to walk the path of a healer. Now with the rising of the Jedi Order again, the Jedi Healers unique services have been reintroduced at the new Jedi Grandmaster's behest.

Mass Healing: As can be expected, a Jedi Healer's specialization lies in Healing and as such this allows them to use the power of the force in ways other find impossible. Starting at level fifteen, a Jedi Healer may heal multiple targets with a single use of

Lesser Healing Fire: The Healing Crystals of Fire are one of the greatest treasures of the Jedi Order. Kept under tight security in one of theJedi Temple's meditation chambers and guarded by the Circle of Jedi Healers, the stones are used to help heal serious wounds in the Halls of Healing. Named for the eternal flames that burned inside each crystal, the crystals are said to be able to bring an individual back from the brink of death. At level sixteen an Jedi Healer gets their first Crystal Of Fire. Its power allows him to use Heal Self or if they have that gives them Heal Another to use untrained as long as they are holding the crystal at the time of use.

Medical Aid: As a master healer a Jedi Healer has trained for years in combat related roles applying field bandages and medication where required. Starting at level seventeen the Jedi Healer may take a fourth rank in one of these skills; Treat Injury, Knowledge (Medicine) or Profession: Doctor.

Let There Be Life: As a Jedi Healer grows in power he learns to apply the same twists and techniques of nature to use the force to a higher degree of healing. At level eighteen all healing related force powers used by a Jedi Healer to heal a dying or wounded person have their affects doubled.

Greater Healing Fire: At level nineteen a Healer acquires a Greater Fire Crystal, allowing them to conduct mass healing upon many patients under their care. The Healer may now Heal Another on a medium sized group of patients (no more than 5) untrained as long as they are holding the crystal at the time of use.

Aura Of Healing: At level twenty a Jedi Healer achieves the pinnacle of his art. After performing a ceremony and dying the Healer arises as an immortal healing machine. The Healer may now heal a large group (10 people) for longer. The Healer can still be destroyed with sufficient damage, however.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Mass Healing

16 Lesser Healing Fire
17 Medical Aid
18 Let There Be Life
19 Greater Healing Fire
20 Aura Of Healing

Proficiency Points:
C: 17, 20
S: 15, 16, 17, 18, 20
P: 15, 17, 19
F: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Jedi Lore Keeper:

A Jedi Lore Keeper is a broad term for a Jedi Knight who has pursued the school of thought that gave one the titles of of archivists, historians, and librarians, the Lore Keepers maintain the repositories of knowledge that allows the Order to grow and learn, calling on wisdom from the Jedi Masters long since past, and contributing knowledge from the scholars of the future. Divided into three distinct roles within the Order, the Lore Keepers can be found at the Jedi facilities. Making up the Librarian's Assembly at the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, they oversee the operation of the Jedi Archives and answer directly to the Council of First Knowledge. The leader of the Order's Educational Corps is the Chief Librarian, overseer of the Archives and protector of its knowledge. Provided with personal chambers adjacent to the Archives, the Chief Librarian works closely with the Caretaker of First Knowledge, the leader of the Council of First Knowledge. On occasion, such as in the time following the Ruusan Reformation with Master Restelly Quist, the Chief Librarian also held the title of Caretaker. Quist's predecessor, Barra-Rona-Ban was the first Chief Librarian following the Reformation and one of the only Jedi to meet one of the two remaining Sith Lords and survive. Even before Master Ban, the Kel Dor historian Gnost-Dural oversaw the recollection of data within the Temple Archives of Tython following the Sacking of Coruscant. The final Chief Librarian, former Jedi High Council member Jocasta Nu died amongst her beloved books when Darth Vader executed Operation: Knightfall on behalf of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Following the reformation of the Order under Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Tionne Solusar took up the mantle of Chief Librarian and restored the Stacks and added information missing from the time of the Galactic Civil War. Master Solusar eventually stepped down from this role and the title was given to Master Markre Medjev. Jedi Grandmaster Jolie Zindargo has since reestablished the Jedi Lore Keeper to help Jedi knowledge be saved amist the chaos.

Knowledge Is Power: As can be expected, a Jedi Lore Master’s specialization lies in Knowledge and as such this allows them to use the power of intellect in ways other find impossible. Starting at level fifteen, a Lore Master may take a fourth rank in the skill Jedi Lore.

Light Repository: At level sixteen, the Lore Master learns an art favored by the first Jedi Lore Master, Jehudiel, Master of the Light: the transformation of a clear crystal into a pure Light Repository. The must be made from the same type as the healer's fire crystal and must be completely flawless and untarnished to be transformed. A Light Repository recalls with perfect clarity everything it knew in life and can instruct others in any Skills or Force Powers it possesses as put in by it's owner.

Enlightened: As a Lore Master increases in power he learns techniques with his favored Force Power that expand its purpose significantly. Perhaps the most strange of these is the transformation of others as their awareness is freed from those who seek them harm and informs them of thier predicament. Beginning at level seventeen, anyone who fallen for a Sith Lore Master's Drain Knowledge abilty is freed from his grasp. A Jedi Lore Master may free a number of puppets at a time equal to his Spirit Stat.

Rightful Owner: At level eighteen, the Jedi Lore Master gains an ability that truly opens up new avenues to knowledge: repossesion of a possessed soul. Once a Lore Master has spotted someone who has been turned into a puppet, he may stop the possession of the puppet. The Jedi Lore Master’s body lies inert during the repossession and if it perishes the Jedi Lore Master and the body of the one his trying to save dies. This repossession can last a maximum number of hours equal to his level plus his Spirit Stat. Once this time is up the Lore Master is forced to abandon his rescue attempt. Alternatively the Lore Master may attempt to return to his body before this time is up if he wishes and abandon the effort. If the possessed body is killed while the Lore Master is freeing him within it then he is forced back into his body and remains unconscious for a time equal to his maximum repossession length.

Mind Wipe: A more subtle variant of a mind trick technique, this ability allows a Lore Master to subtly alter the behavior and memories of others for a time. After using Affect Mind on a victim, the Lore Master may reprogram the victim’s mind a little to forget a event or something else in any way he pleases. This may be as simple as removing all memory of the event in a subconscious command or it can be a complete overhaul of the victims personality and memories (requires user permission). In the latter case, Lore Masters often seek the aid of surgeons or an Healer to apply a more appropriate appearance to aid their trick. This ability is gained at level nineteen.

Immortal Savior: At level twenty, a Sith Lore Master overcomes the previous limitations of his ability to save someone from possession. There is no longer a time limit on a Lore Master’s repossession and he no longer dies if his original body is destroyed while he helps save a person from possession. However, a Lore Master may only survive being slain while helping a puppet body if his original body still exists. If the Lore Master fails to return to the puppet to his body before dieing and his original body no longer lives then he passes into the Force. A Lore Master may live forever as a result of using this technique provided he is clever and careful.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Knowledge Is Power
16 Light Repository
17 Enlightened
18 Rightful Owner
19 Mind Wipe
20 Immortal Savior

Proficiency Points:
C: 20
S: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
P: 15, 17, 19
F: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20


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