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Jedi Force User - Jedi Scout Master Path's

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Jedi Darkmeld:

Darkmeld is a covert Jedi organization originally created and was led by Jedi Knight Jaina Solo. The creation of Darkmeld was informally sanctioned by acting Grand Master Kenth Hamner in 43 ABY amidst tensions between the New Jedi Order and the anti-Jedi policies of Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala.
Solo created Darkmeld as a means of actively-but-secretly undermining Daala's efforts to take control of the Jedi Order however it soon stretched into countering sith threats with the rise of Jedi Grandmaster Jolie Zindargo.

Oath Of Penance: All Jedi Darkmeld undertake a special ritual before hunting down a target; this ritual cleanses them of the deep and overwhelming guilt they shall fill when killing their prey and bathes them in the light of the force as protection from the darkside. When a Darkmeld deals damage to the subject of his or her oath the damage is doubled. This damage stacks with his or her Fatal Blow special ability (see the Jedi Scout section). The Jedi Darkmeld gains this ability at level fifteen.
Inviscerating Light: All who face a Jedi Darkmeld soon know why to be cautious. At level sixteen if a Darkmeld attempts to backstab his or her opponent they have a chance of completely inviscerating them in pure light when the blade penetrates, purging a darksider of their sins before releasing back to the light of the force. Damage stacks with Critical, Deadly and Fatal Blow abilities (see Jedi Scout).

Unwavering Loyalty: Neither fearsome threat nor silky seduction can persuade the Jedi Darkmeld to betray his fellows or masters. Starting at level seventeen the Darkmeld becomes immune to all attempts (even through the Force) to cause them to betray their fellow Jedi. The exception to this is if the Darkmeld is manipulated into thinking his actions are in fact benefiting other Jedi.

Sacred Curse: Some say the Jedi Darkmeld are cursed and with good reason. Starting at level eighteen should the Jedi Darkmeld be incapcitated from damage by enemies while pursuing his or her target, and his target is present when the Darkmeld receives the damage, then the Darkmeld is entitled to make one offensive action against his target before expiring by unleashing a bright flash of pure light that transfers the damage done back upon the target.

Oath of Purity: At level nineteen the Jeid Darkmeld's Oath of Penance damage is increased to three times normal instead of two times normal.
Protecting Light: At level twenty the Jedi Darkmeld becomes so fanatical in his or her belief that he can impart some of his fervor to his allies. By conducting a special ritual the Darkmeld can temporarily give a non-Darkmeld the Oath of Penance ability, this ability is imparted until the target of the Oath is dead.

Jedi Watchman:

Jedi Watchman are a specialized role of the Jedi Sentinels. These Jedi Knights opt to stay in one place, operating alongside a sector or system government and ensuring diplomacy is maintained in all matters. These Jedi will also oversee the testing and reporting of any Force-sensitive born in their sector, turning the child over to the Acquisition Division if positive result was returned. The Watchmen's role in the Order was canonized in Jedi writing with the publication of The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force and the inclusion of text written by Jedi Recruiter Morrit Ch'gally. The Watchmen's presence in the galaxy ebbed and flowed with the passage of time. During the rule of the Sith Triumvirate, the Watchmen had been extinct for millennia, with Meetra Surik, under the alias of the Jedi Exile, being the first to show interest in the role since the start of the First Jedi Purge. Returning with the rebuilding of the Order, the Watchmen took up their familiar posts all throughout the galaxy. Studying special Force techniques to better equip themselves for their missions, Watchmen were skilled at fading into the background, allowing them to subtly manipulate political events in a benevolent fashion so as to sustain peace and prosperity. Serving as an extension of the Council of Reconciliation and the Jedi High Council, the Watchmen were trusted to make their own decisions based on their familiarity with the local governments, without having to report back to the Councils before making every decision.
The Watchman have since made a return with the coming of Jedi Grandmaster Jolie Zindargo. Mobility and Stealth are hallmarks of the Jedi Scout but none manifest these traits in such a mystical way as the Jedi Watchman. These mysterious Jedi Scout's possess the remarkable ability known as 'Light Phasing' which allows them to move through light itself, a counter product of watching the infamous Sith Shadow Masters and reproducing their famed 'Shadow Walking' ability to work for the Jedi instead, in essence the two are opposites. The origins of the Jedi Watchman’s path are as obfuscated as the practitioners themselves but, like many aspects of the Jedi Scout’s path, it may have originated in the Old Republic. But, unlike their roots, the fates of their targets are far from unclear.

Light Phase: It is at level fifteen that a Jedi Watchman first learns the technique that defines their craft. The Jedi Watchman may “Light Phase” from any one patch of pure light to another up to 10 feet times their total character level away. They may not linger in the light, emerging immediately after Light Phase and they may not perform any action after Light Phasing except defend themselves until their next turn.

Light Emergence: At level sixteen the Jedi Watchman may delay their emergence from a Light Phase up to a minute per total character level. Direct darkness touching the light that a Jedi Watchman is hiding in will force him out of the Light Phase.

Ghost Walk: As time goes on, the Jeid Watchman becomes more and more comfortable in the world of pure light until he learns to Ghost Walk. While using Light Emergence, the Jedi Watchman may move through any patches of light or pure light connected to his Light Phase exit point. The Jedi Watchman exits at the point he is located when he chooses to exit (or is forced to exit by darkness or time restriction) not his originally chosen exit point. While using this ability the light moved through ripples and bulge at the Jedi Watchman's passing, giving this ability its name. This ability is gained at level seventeen.

Purify: At level eighteen the Jedi Watchman may perform a single, non-combat action after Light Phasing.

Unseen Attack: At level nineteen the Jedi Watchman may make a single attack after Light Phasing, Fatal Blow applies to this attack.

Power Of Light: At level twenty the Jedi Watchman may use a single Force Power after Light Phasing; he may not attack and use a Force Power after a Light Phase.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Light Phase
16 Light Emergence
17 Ghost Walk
18 Purify
19 Unseen Attack
20 Power Of Light

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 17, 19
S: 16, 17, 18, 19
P: 15, 17, 18, 20
F: 15, 16, 17, 18, 20


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