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True Light Pariah:

Pariahs, also known as blacksouls, psychic nulls and the soulless, are entities that have no presence in the force. The most commonly known instances of Pariah's in the Jedi Army are those known to work for the Republic Security Forces employed to hunt down those who the jedi cannot take down personally. Pariah's are the antithesis of the Force as their being does not have any presence in the mystical energy field and indeed radiates a sense of unnaturalness and unease that is uncomfortable to living creatures and can be painful or even lethal to psychically sensitive beings such as Force Sensitives.
The Pariah gene is passed on as is any other gene, or occurs through random mutation, just as those genes that cause susceptibility to the 'force' mutation. Pariah's are infinitely rarer than Force Sensitives and make up a negligible proportion of the population, with maybe one individual per planet arising every generation, and they generally die young as their aura of disgust and nausea turns other living beings against them. Still, a few Pariah's survive to become servants of the Republic Security Forces and are often used as shield's against other force sensitives by Jedi Investigator's if they cannot deal with the threat themselves. As stated earlier, some of the Republic Security Forces are Pariah's and they use their curse to become some of the deadliest hunters of force-sensitives in the Galaxy.
There is only one known True Light Pariah to ever have existed. His abilities and powers were so potent that it was reckoned he would have been able to kill the mightiest force-sensitive to have ever lived, the Sith Emperor of the Old Republic had a unknown Jedi Knight of the time not killed him first. It is unknown if this True Light Pariah was the product of a fluke birth, or the tamperings of others, but regardless he was able to turn a target's force back upon itself, manifesting the target's own power to destroy the target.

Hunter's Passion: The sole purpose of a True Light Pariah is to slay those the powerful want dead. When a Pariah begins his Path at level fifteen, he gains the Hunter's Passion ability. This grants a True Light Pariah double damage against a target that a superior has ordered them to kill. This must be as part of a formal assignment, the Pariah cannot gain this bonus from, for example, an order to kill in the midst of battle. This damage bonus stacks with all others.

Compassionate Sneak Attack: Stealth and lethal precision are vital to a Pariah's role. Whenever a True Light Pariah attacks an opponent who is caught unawares he does one and a half times damage. This ability is gained at level sixteen and stacks with all other damage bonuses.

Improved Hunter's Passion: At level seventeen, bonus damage against a Pariah’s target is increased to triple.

Additional Resource Access: Often at times, a Pariah must stay out in the field indefinitely, waiting for the right moment. Such operations require a great deal of cash to make sure things run smoothly. At level eighteen, a Pariah gets a second use per Mission of the Resource Access ability.

Greater Hunter's Passion: At level nineteen, a Pariah's hunter's mark increases to quadruple.

Painless Sneak Attack: At level twenty, a Pariah's damage bonus from sneak attacking increases to double.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Hunter's Passion
16 Compassionate Sneak Attack
17 Improved Hunter's Passion
18 Additional Resource Access
19 Greater Hunter's Passion
20 Painless Sneak Attack

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 20
S: 16, 18, 20
P: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
T: 15, 17, 19

Pure Light Pariah:
Pariah's are believed to have been created and seeded into the human population by the Yhuzhang Vong as part of their plan to remove all taint of the force and technology from the galaxy. Recently, a blend of machine and organic components has emerged, forged from Pariah's and named after them. The Jedi varient of these are the Pure Light Pariah's and are undoubtedly the first glimpses of the vong's ultimate plan for the galaxy.

Jedi Secrets: Jedi Grandmaster Jolie while studying never passed on true jedi learning to her initiates until a later date. Such strict adherence to the jedi code was not practical during the time, however, and she taught the initiates many Jedi arts. This ability, gained at level fifteen, allows the Pure Light Pariah to purchase a fourth Rank in the Treat Injury skill.

Cleansing Weapon: The Lightsaber is as much a symbol of the Pariah as it ever was of the Sith or Jedi. The Pure Light Pariah made constant use of these weapons, seeing them as the ultimate sign of the Jedi's favor and to keep a even footing with their enemy. At level sixteen an Pure Light Pariah gains two Combat Proficiency points that may be spent on either a Lightsaber Form or one of the Combat Forms (the only non-force user path to be able to do this) and he additionally gains the Lightsaber Form Focus Perk in whatever Form he likes.

Secret Army: Since their inception the Pariah's have commanded the loyalty of others. In the days of Palpatine’s second reign they commanded legions from the bridges of Super Star Destroyers in secret but modern Pariah's must content themselves with more modest forces. Starting at level seventeen, an Pariah begins to attract a number of pro-Jedi followers. These followers may not be Force Sensitive and an Pariah is limited to maximum number of followers equal to his level plus his Presence Stat. If the Pariah chooses to have less than maximum followers then his followers increase in ability in inverse proportion to the number of followers.

Hunter's Penance: While all Pariah's would love to possess the massive ships the Emperor put at the disposal of their forerunners, simple reality forces them to be more practical. At level eighteen, the Pariah may gain control of a ship. This ship does not follow the normal rules for ships, instead it must have a minimum crew no higher than the Pariah’s number of followers. He may have this ship in addition to his normal ship. This ship is subject to moderator approval.

Light Haven: A natural step in the Pariah's quest for repentance is the establishment of a stronghold. This stronghold, gained at level nineteen, is large enough to dock the Pariah’s ship, house his followers and contain several base installations (medlabs, security command, armories, etc.). The size, location and nature of the stronghold are subject to moderator approval.

Path Of Righteousness: As the Pure Light Pariah reaches the pinnacle of his power, he begins to imitate the structure of Palpatine’s second reign in leading his followers. Choosing one of them for instruction in the Combat Arts, he elevates this follower to be his right-hand. A right-hand may use up to 5 Tactical Powers untrained. The right-hand has eleven Tactical uses per Mission.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Jedi Secrets
16 Cleansing Weapon
17 Secret Army
18 Hunter's Penance
19 Light Haven
20 Path of Righteousness

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
S: 16, 18
P: 15, 17, 19
T: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Purified Pariah:

When the Jedi first took power they assembled an elite division of Royal Guards and trained them to hunt down Force Users alongside the standard Royal Guard. These Purified Pariah soon proved deadly in their effectiveness and earned fearsome reputations. The Purified Pariah's killed a great many Sith and Jensaarai before disappearing roughly a year before the Battle of Yavin at about the same time as the Shadow Pariah. During Palpatine's second reign, they decided to restore the Purified Pariah to aid in their quest.

Guardsman Training: All Pariah's draw on a core set of techniques that define their Path. These combat methodologies form the basis of their later development. At level fifteen a Purified Pariah receives two Ranks in the Force Pike Exotic Weapon, the ability to use Lightpikes, complete Ranks in Armor Proficiency and the highest Martial Arts Perk for which they meet the prerequisites. Should the Purified Pariah already possess all of these then he instead receives three Combat Proficiency points instead.

Aura Of Mercy: Purified Pariah were taught techniques to keep the Jedi alive should they be seriously injured. Though never actually used, historically speaking, these techniques could keep a failing life from flicking out before medical assistance could arrive. At level sixteen, a Purified Pariah learns this power. As long as the Purified Pariah does nothing other than focus into the dying being at the expense of a small personal drain from their own essence, the target of this power cannot die. Doing *anything* other than breathing, shifting one’s position or saying a few brief words breaks the concentration that allows this power to function.

Fast Reflex Action: Part of a Pariah's strategy inevitably involves stealth. At level seventeen they learn to use that stealth to deadly effect. If the Purified Pariah strikes an opponent unawares then he does one and a half times damage. This stacks with other damage bonuses.

Forceless Void: The primary purpose of the Pariah is to hunt down Force-Sensitives and they developed special techniques to deprive their targets of their best defense. This ability, gained at level eighteen, allows the Purified Pariah to create a dead zone in which Force Powers do not function. To do so the Purified Pariah sacrifices all of his remaining tactical Uses (he may rest later for at least eight hours to regain them, as normal). The forceless void then comes into being for a number of turns equal to the Tactical Uses sacrificed and covers an equal number of square feet. All within are denied the Force, not just the Purified Pariah's foes.

Armor King: Perhaps the most identifiable aspect of the Purified Pariah's is their armor and, at level nineteen, they learn to utilize it to its fullest effect. Any armor worn by the Purified Pariah is considered a Rank higher than it is. This means Powered Armor worn by the Purified Pariah essentially functions as Rank five armor. Furthermore, regardless of its composition, the Purified Pariah knows how to roll with Lightsaber hits so that his armor functions normally against them. A Purified Pariah must be wearing armor to gain these effects.

Cursed Touch: The greatest of the Purified Pariah's know techniques that make all Force Sensitives around them experience indescribable anguish. Many Jedi Masters and Sith fell to this terrible power during the Purge. At level twenty, any Force Sensitives under the effects of the Pariah's forceless void take damage every turn. Only the Purified Pariah and non-Force Sensitives are immune to its effects, it does not distinguish between ally and enemy.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Guardsman Training
16 Aura Of Mercy
17 Fast Reflex Action
18 Forceless Void
19 Armor King
20 Cursed Touch

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
S: 16, 18
P: 15, 16, 17, 20
T: 15, 17, 18, 19


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