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Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:40 pm

Your character biography is REQUIRED in order for you to Roleplay. There are no exceptions.

Here is an example sheet for you to use to create your Character Biography.

Other Suggestions:
Keep your character bio up to date. If your character acquires a new force power, put it in your profile. This will help with duels in the future and so you can easily keep track of what your character knows.
If a force power is not in your profile, don't use it until you learn it.

* Required

** If your first starting out, you will learn saber forms from your master. Don't worry about this right now.







*Home World:





*Current Rank:

*Force Powers: (Force Powers list)

*Physical Power Points (Physical Power Points List)

**Most used Lightsaber combat form:

*Background: (Must be at least a paragraph and a half long)

Copy this and paste it into your bio.







[b]*Home World:[/b]





[b]*Current Rank:[/b]

[b]*Force Powers:[/b]

[b]*Physical Power Points[/b]

[b]**Most used Lightsaber combat form:[/b]


Read other biographies to get ideas for your own. Rping should be fun and you should enjoy your character's development. Each member will be allowed two characters and three NPC's. Put some thought into what species you want to be, what character aspects you might want to include and what direction you would like to go in.

Character Sheets 2012-114
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