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Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:50 pm

I have decided to remain the Founder of Passion of the Darkside and have begun to restructure both the site itself and the management. From here on out there will be only moderators chosen to be part of a Global Moderation Team. I will be the only administrator for the present.

This was done for several reasons. First someone managed to change my password though how is a big question. It was done on all of my characters so there is no doubt it was deliberate. I had to contact Forumotion to be allowed access to my own forum.

Also I was led to believe that the site was going to be maintained and utilized. But instead that is not so. Members have been coming on and removing information to be used at a new SW site which is being created. I posted more than once in the Staff Area and all of those postings were ignored as though I did not exist by the rest of the Site Staff, though I am the site Founder. If I had not been lied to and had my concerns ignored probably events would not have been upsetting but as I was, it is. Therefore portions of the forum have been limited to admin access that being me alone.

I am sorry to have to have taken these actions but from my viewpoint it was necessary to preserve information here. The site itself is being changed and improved upon with a newer version and more streamlined interface for the public view and the membership.

Anyone wishing to remain may. In December my cousin's son will return from college in Italy where he is an exchange student. He is a huge Star Wars Fan and has expressed interest in permanently taking over this site. Upon his return he will become the second and only other administrator to be allowed.

I hope that eventually Passion Of The Darkside will once again become a fun place to roleplay.

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