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Name: Jolie Zindargo
Age: 35
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135
Eye Color: blue-black
Hair Color: dark with light highlights
Skin: White
Droids: One R2 Series Astromech droid
Ship: WR-542 Shooting Star called the Firehawk. Modified. Has shields, laser cannon and hyperdrive capability.
Equipment and weaponry: Blaster pistols, various daggers and knives. Two green lightsabers which can be joined to create dual lightsabers, one gold and one white lightsaber.

Appearance: Beautiful with long dark hair with light highlights and dark blue eyes Jolie likes to wear pants, boots and simple shirts in preparation for combat. She can be elegant and will sometimes wear long flowing dresses when the occasion arises.

Personality: Jolie can be stern and resolute when necessary. Yet she has a soft side and a strong sense of integrity and purpose. She follows the Jedi Code to the letter when possible.


Jolie was born on the planet of Adarlon to Dorinda and Caleb Zindargo. They ran an inn and restaurant in what was then known as the city of Balderdash. Jolie’s parents did not reveal to her that she was descended from the line of Bastila Shan through her maternal side. Bastila’s daughter Satele had a secret son named Theron and she was the progeny of his line. The family lineage was not spoken of until one day Jolie uncovered an old chest in the inn’s attic. Within it were the journals and records of her ancestors. A carefully wrapped ancient sword which had been Theron’s and was her birthright was at the bottom of the chest. She then confronted her parents who were forced to tell her the truth.

Jolie had displayed Force sensitivity from an early age in particular the ability of precognition. Her parents however had ignored her abilities but now they could no longer do so. They relented and she was sent to the Jedi Academy. There it was discovered that she had a high midchlorian count and though a teen she was taken into training. Jolie’s ability of precognition was considered a great gift by the JedI who thought she might become a Consular with training as a JedI Seer. She however had other ideas. Jolie loved sword fighting (which she had watched others train in) and wanted to learn how to use a light saber. She showed great affinity with a practice saber and learned quickly.

Jolie was assigned a wonderful Master named Menarte Tillata who was of Chalactan descent and herself skilled in all the arts of precognition. She knew Jolie’s love for battle and did not discourage her path but said to her “There is no harm child in the melding of many skills. Thus is how a great JedI is born.” So Jolie trained in the ways of the Seer as well as those of light saber combat. Jolie followed the path of the JedI Sentinels and became one of the few JedI Battle Masters of her era. Menarte taught her to use her mental skills to anticipate her opponents and it paid off handsomely.

She rose swiftly among the ranks of the Jedi. She fought in many battles all over the galaxy alongside her Master who tended more towards diplomatic solutions when possible. Jolie became a Master at the age of 25 a rare feat. She had only been a knight for three years. When the old Jedi Grand Master Senarch died Menarte who was a respected Jedi Council Member rose before the High Council and spoke with passion.

“We are rebuilding here on Adarlon and are growing strong again. Moving past the depredations of the Yuuzhan Vong and overcoming the vast destruction has not been easy. The taking away of Coruscant from us was a fell blow to the Jedi Order and the Republic. But the planet of Adarlon has become our new home and the City of Murus Lumiere a wondrous place. The old ways have fallen aside and given way to a new shining reality. Do we choose someone to lead us who is of the old Order, a battle hardened veteran? Their ways would be steady but would they aid us in moving forward towards strength again? Or do we choose someone new and fresh who would lead us with foresight and vision into the future. A future secured by both pre sentience and strength of arms. I say the latter is the path we must take to ensure the future of the JedI Order and the Jedi Republic. I nominate Jolie Zindargo my Padawan and now a Master to lead the Jedi as Grand Master. She has the skill, strength of purpose, boldness of spirit, and goodness of heart to lead us well. May you all consider my words.”

The murmuring of the other Council members became loud as the suggestion was considered. A shock to many at first they shook their heads negatively. But then the conversations became quieter and the murmuring became discussion. Jolie was not present, but outside the Council Chambers. Menarte had asked her to come, knowing what she would suggest beforehand. The Council members looked up and one of them rose. Jaxran Ortartes who would become one of Jolie’s greatest supporters stood and spoke. “I see what Menarte does in this young woman. She would lead us well. I see her courage yet it is tempered by wisdom which Menarte helped her develop. I concur with Menarte. I vote in favor of Jolie Zindargo becoming the new Grand Master.” One by one the others stood in support, voting in the affirmative.

Jolie was called into the room and Menarte smiled at her before telling her the decision of the High Council. Stunned Jolie stammered as she accepted the Highest Honor of the Jedi. Thus she became the Grand Master of the Holy Order of the Jedi Knights. The youngest Grand Master ever to assume the title after Luke Skywalker.

Not long afterwards to the great sorrow of Jolie, Menarte Tillata passed away her tasks in life now complete. Jolie grievingly took her mentor home to Chalacta to be buried in her family tomb with great honor. She returned to Adarlon and began her duties as Grand Master .

Force Powers:
Force Cloak: Can conceal force presence.
Spider walk- Can walk on any surface regardless of gravity.
Control Breathing- Can breathe in any enviroment
Crucitorn- Force user ignores pain.
Moricho- Suspends need for food, water lowering heart rate for several days (air for several hours) Target seems dead.
--Acolyte/Knight Moricho- Suspends need for food water for several months. Target seems dead.
---Master Moricho- Suspends need for food water for several years. Target seems dead.

Force barrier- Can place barrier around self for a period of time.
Electric Judgment- Can create one bolt of non lethal lightening
Creates Light-Creates a brief flash of light which can temporarily blind opponents
Force Deflection- Can deflect Sith Lightening or Electric Judgment at the user or other targets
Absorb Energy- Can absorb or harness energy from attacks or items.
Dissipate Energy- Allows you to dissipate enemy attacks.
Force stun- Stuns a target for 5-10 seconds.
Drain Force- Drain force energy from Force Users in a range of 5 meters and replenish your own energy.

Affect mind- Can influence the thoughts of others
Doppleganger- Can create exact duplicates of herself.
Drain Knowledge-Can drain knowledge from the mind of another sentient being.
Telepathy- Able to sense general thoughts and feelings. Send back general thoughts
Battle Meditation: Increases allies efficiency x2 on a large scale such as a fleet or army. Cannot be used while fighting personally. Cannot be used while fighting personally. Also requires Affect Mind.
--Improved Battle Meditation: x3 (2)
---Expert Battle Mediation: x5 (3)

Sense life- Can sense when someone is near her. In particular another force sensitive.
Enhance sense- Can enhance natural senses such as sight and hearing.
Farseeing- Can perceive the near future (days and weeks).

Mind Over Matter- Increases the effectiveness of tekekinesis, force leap, force strike and force push.
Force Leap- Can leap 15 meters--------->Can leap 30 meters.
Force Strike- Can strike others with the Force.
Force Push- Can push others and objects using the Force.

Lightsaber Combat Forms
Shii-Cho (proficient)
Makashi (proficient)
Juyo/Vaapad (mastered)
Teras Kasi (mastered)
Ataru (mastered)

Force Form(s)
Force Potency and Force Mastery

Physical Power Points
Lightsaber Duelist I- Able to engage in combat against lightsaber wielding opponent.
---Lightsaber Duelist II- More experienced
---Lightsaber Duelist III- More experienced
---Lightsaber Duelist IV- Expert Lightsaber Duelist
Alternate Weapons Duelist I: Dual lightsabers
---Alternate Weapons Duelist II: More experienced
---Alternate Weapons Duelist III: More experienced
---Alternate Weapons Duelist IV: expert alternate weapons duelist
Lightsaber Defense I: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than one source
Lightsaber Defense II: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than three sources
---Lightsaber Defense III: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than four sources and may redirect 25% of them with deadly accuracy.
---Lightsaber Defense IV: Can deflect and redirect all blaster fire from no more than six sources.
Force Fighter I: ability to use the Force in combat against non Force users.
---Force Fighter II: More experienced.
Melee Fighter I- able to use preferred weapon against multiple opponents.
Melee Fighter II- More experienced.

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