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Character Name: Emperor Krill (Cameron Krill)

Class: Sith Emperor (Dark Lord Of The Sith)

Age: 29

Species: Human (Wears a mask that covers half of his scared face)

Homeworld: Korriban

Gender: Male

Height: 6"5

Weight: 216lbs

Eye color: One eye is orange and the covered one is red

Hair: Sandy blond

Skin color: Tan

Weapons: Double bladed lightsaber that can detatch to be used as a single bladed weapon for each hand then reconnect to form the double blade.

Ships: Modified X-Wing Fighter (Star Cutter) Personal Fighter

Equipment: Lightsabers

Appearance: A young looking man, has finally uncovered his entire face, except the half that is scared.

Personality: Hatred for all things that a good in nature. Would kill anyone to succeed in his mission, that includes his own minions.

Other Skills: Head of the training of the Shadow Royal Guard. Excellent military tactition

Background: I was born and raised on Korriban. My parents was dark jedi that sought to bring the empire from the ashes. When I was 7 the jedi came appearently acting on a tip what was happening on Korriban and sent the jedi to stop all work on it. They came in force taking out the sith academy then coming down as far as the Valley of the Dark Lords. To avoid capture I fled to te caves knowing that the jedi wouldn't come in there, but what I didn't count on was the Jedi sealing it cave entrance. I was trapped in there for nearly 15 years. Living off of feeding on small animals, and other creatures that I found. Keeping my sanity I stumbled on sith holocrons and began to follow my destiny. My hatred for the jedi began to resurface and I started looking for a way out of the cave. About 2 months after i started looking a young jedi apprentice on a mission to search for sith artifacts and bring them back to the jedi temple. I tracked throughout the caves and as he picked him up I watched where he stored them until I assumed he found enough I cornered him in a cave dwelling with only one outlet. I used a mind trick on him to think the caves and the animals where out to kill him. When he saw me he fel to his knees giving him a false sense of security I told him its in his mind and asked him to close his eyes and concentrate. After he closed his eyes I force projected his lightsaber into my hand and ignited it. As he opened his eyes he just saw the moment I stabbed the blade through his chest he let out a scream and asked why. I knelt down and simple said "Jedi" His eyes got big as he knew what was coming then I sliced upward and cut him in half. Feeling great of my actions this was the first step in the destruction of the Jedi. I took his lightsaber and set off to find other members of sith warriors to destroy the jedi and anyone else that gets in our way. After many battles he became Sith Emperor, Dark Lord Of the Sith.
___________________________________________________________________________________Force Powers
Force lightning: Lightning bolts from finger tips.
Force Whirlwind
Force Tornado

Feed on the Dark Side: Able to increase rage powers.
Sense Life: Able to sense people at a certain distance.

Master Healing: Can heal self and others but it does take time for him to recover from healing others.

Burst of Speed: Move twice as fast for 30-45 seconds.

--> Telekinesis: able to make higher than normal jumps

Focus: Increases the effectiveness of Force Stealth, Force Cloak, and Force Strike

Drain Energy:
-->Drain Life: Drains people of their life by 30%
---> Advanced Drain Life: Drains people of their life by 50%

Affect Mind
-->Mind Trick: Increases the effectiveness of Affect Mind and Illusion.

Dominate mind: People are unable to resist his thoughts.

Farseeing: See the future, hours and days.
Advanced Farseeing: See the future months to a year.

Force Cloak: Able to hide himself in the force as well as his disguse his face.

Alternate Weapons Duelist I: combat using twin lightsabers.
Lightsaber Defense I: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than one source.
Force Fighter I: ability to use the Force in combat against non-Force users.
Melee Fighter I: ability to used selected melee weapon against non-Force users.


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