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Post by Guest on Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:31 am

Character Name: Serean Shepard

Class: Jedi Master/ Council Member

Age: 30

Species: Human

Homeworld: Ossus

Gender: Male

Height: 6"2

Weight: 199lbs

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Blonde short

Skin color: Nicely tan

Weapons: Lightsaber that was left behind from a battle

Ships: Rebuilt Z95 headhunter

Equipment: Lightsabers, force pike, 2 blaster pistols.

Appearance: A white man very young looking, could use his looks to take advantage of people if he wanted to but is actaully a nice person to be around.

Personality: Is very loyal in whoever he serves.

Other Skills: Able to speak huttees, wookiee.

Background: Born on dantooine was raised in the Gallactic Alliance days. He was born by two Jedi masters that was hunted down and killed by the sith looking to destroy the remaining forces of the Jedi about 12 years ago. Serean wasn't there at the time he was on missions for the Jedi doing under cover work for them. He wasn't a fully trained Jedi anything as his parents felt they didn't want to have him bare the grief of trying to help people that either doesn't want it or having to watch his friends or masters die in battle. He did do work for them as he could get in unnoticed in several places a regular Jedi couldn't. After learning of his parents murder he retreated into the outter rim trying to figure out what to do next with his life. After a years of soul searching Serean decided to return and find the Jedi order to join the order so he can help bring back his parents name and honor, he remembered what his parents taught him about seeking revenge and he had to make sure to himself that what he is doing is not about revenge but for the greater good of the galaxy. He finally arrived at the Jedi temple searching for some one to speak to about these issues.


Control Breathing: Breath in any environment.
Crucitorn: Force user ignores pain.
-->Force Stealth: Disguises your body, camouflages you.
--->Force Cloak: Removes your Force presence.

Create Light: Creates a brief, bright flash of light that temporarily blinds opponents.
-->Create Glowball: Creates a small star which can be used to hide ships.
--->Force Light: Purges dark side energy from a location, even planets.
Dissipate Energy: Allows you to dissipate energy attacks.
-->Absorb Energy: Allows you to harness and store energy from attacks or items.
--->Force Deflection: Can deflect Sith lightening or Electric Judgment at the user or other targets.
Force Barrier: Protects yourself for a few moments from attacks.
Force Stun: Stuns a target for 5-10 seconds.
-->Force Stasis: Stuns target for 2-3 minutes.

Attuned: Increases the effectiveness of Heal Self and Heal Another.
* * * * *
Commune: If you die, you may still communicate with the living though you may not use any Force powers/abilities.
Cure Poison: Can counter the effects of poison.[/color]
-->Detoxify: Able to remove Sith poison.
Heal Self: Can heal yourself or go into a healing trance.
-->Heal Another: Can heal others or put them into a healing trance.

Affect Mind: The power of suggestion.
-->Dreamweaver: You control their daydreams and your projection is constantly on their mind.
--->Calming Aura: Nearby non-Force users and non-sentients find it difficult to fight with you or oppose you. Makes Force users more sensitive to agreeing with you. Requires Dreamweaver.
Jedi Meld: Increases the combat prowess of nearby Jedi and can be used while fighting. Requires Control Mind.
Telepathy: Communicate telepathically. Cannot transmit exact words, only feelings and strong suggestions.
-->Life Bond: Joins another's thoughts and feelings to your own temporarily. May communicate clearer than Telepathy but requires more energy.Requires Telepathy

Courage: boosts courage in the face of Fear and Hatred.
-->Braveheart: boosts courage in the face of Horror and Waves of Darkness.
Force Defense: Increases your defense against Force-based attacks.
Sense Life: Can detect the presence of people around you.
-->Harrowing: Allows you to detect any presence, regardless of stealth ability.

Force Leap: You can jump or fall from a 10 meter range.
-->Improved Leap: 25 meter range.
--->Master Leap: 50 meter range.
Telekinesis: Move a small object limited distance or grip a person's neck or limb.
-->Improved Telekinesis: Squeeze an opponent to death with the Force or move a larger object a limited distance.
--->Master Telekinesis: Move a large object a far range, even outside visibility.

Physical Powers:
Alternate Weapons Duelist I: combat using Sith swords, double and twin lightsabers, lightwhips, and all alternate non ranged weapons against another Force using opponent. Must specify one of these weapons in bio, you cannot master all.
-->Alternate Weapons Duelist II: more experienced.
--->Alternate Weapons Duelist III: more experienced.
Lightsaber Defense I: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than one source.
-->Lightsaber Defense II: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than three sources.
--->Lightsaber Defense III: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than four sources and may redirect 25% of them with deadly accuracy.
Force Fighter I: ability to use the Force in combat against non-Force users.
-->Force Fighter II: more experienced.
--->Force Fighter III: more experienced.
Melee Fighter I: ability to used selected melee weapon against non-Force users.
-->Melee Fighter II: more experienced.


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