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Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:42 pm

Lightsaber Duelist:
This basically means that you are good at fighting with a single lightsaber in a melee combat situation, usually against a Force user. This indicates skill against all variations of weapons, but some alternate weapons are just plain better against single lightsabers (lightwhips being an example). Someone with an equal level of this fighting against an equal level of someone with Alternate Weapons Duelist of a double lightsaber would be able to stand against them equally (if this were all that mattered).

Alternate Weapons Duelist:
This is essentially the same as above, except with different weapons. Since someone who has never fought with two lightsabers is not going to be very good with them, it was felt that separating the abilities was needed. Whenever picking this, you need to indicate what weapon choice/combination you want and that is the only one you are good with. For instance, if you are good with a double saber, you would not be as good with two sabers. If you were good with just a lightwhip, you would not be as good with a lightsaber. In retrospect, it is possible to combine these two into one, but I did want to allow for people to be masters of both the single lightsaber combat and combat with alternate weapons if they desired.

Lightsaber Defense:
This is your skill at blocking blaster or other projectiles headed at you with your lightsaber(s) or some Sith swords. Note, it has to be those, a lightwhip does not deflect blaster bolts. As you progress in this, you are able to block bolts from more opponents and even redirect them wherever you want. It is a pretty critical one, so I do recommend you get at least the first level of this so you don't get shot like a normal guy because unless you have at least the first power, you cannot block ANYTHING. That is why I warned you to use it in the bio description.

Force Fighter:
This is your general ability to use the Force to inflict damage against people who are not Force users. You like picking people up with TK and throwing them everywhere? This is for you. If you like frying people with lightening or tweaking their minds, then this helps you greatly. It is not that you cannot use the Force against people if you don't have this, but this greatly helps you in large scale combat situations like battles. Just because it is in your bio does not mean you can use it with ease against a large group of people. TK is great, but unless you have some of these points, you will only be able to focus on one or two at a time instead of being able to pull ten people's blasters out of their hands. It will be very difficult for someone to believe that you can take on a whole group of guys with just the Force if you don't have a few of these skills in your bio.

Melee Fighter:
This is your ability to use your selected melee weapon (lightsaber, lightwhip, Sith sword, whatever) against a bunch of non-Force users to maximum effect. This is different from duels because duels are you fighting against Force users who are using melee weapons themselves. This is the sheer speed and skill in which you can hack through hordes of foes. As with Force Fighter, it will be difficult to believe if you hack through ten guys in ten seconds without some of these skills in your bio.

Overall, it is critical to have a varied bio with these points. You may think you are the biggest and baddest because you have level four dueling skills, but that means you are only really good against Force users in a melee situation. While that is your choice, it sometimes helps to be good at fighting in large battles. Regardless to your desire to focus on Force users or large groups, I think it is pretty important to have at least SOMETHING in the Lightsaber Defense group otherwise you would end up being like the guy in Indiana Jones who was waving his sword all around like he was something special then Indy just pulled out his revolver and blew him away. Such a pitiful ending to a guy who spent years perfecting the art of fighting someone with a lightsaber only to be cut down by a single shot he did not even bother learning how to deflect.

Special credit to Force users

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