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Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:36 pm

This is a complete list of all the powers for reference. When making a bio, please go to the specific topic for your path because that will show only the powers you can have and will help avoid confusion.

What people can use:
Jedi: Jedi only, light side
Grey: light side, dark side
Sith: Sith only, dark side

(It is possible for each faction to have powers of the opposite eg Jedi having Sith, Sith having Jedi, but it MUST be explained thoroughly in the bio about how your character learned them.)

Jedi only: Green
Light side: Blue
Dark side: Red
Sith only: Grey
Neutral (anyone): White

There are:
9 Jedi Only powers
20 Light Side powers
18 Dark Side powers
13 Sith Only powers
83 Neutral powers

(1) Apprentice\Padawan\Shadow Apprentice\Grunt: 15 Force points\4 Physical points
(2) Sith Warrior\Jedi Knight\Shadow Knight\Aorrao: 25 Force points\6 Physical points
(3) Sith Master\Jedi Master\Shadow Master\Mattet: 30 Force points\8 Physical points
(4) Sith Marauder\Jedi Defender\Shadow Lord - Shadow High Lord\Boulde: 35 Force points\10 Physical points
(5) Lord/Lade of the Sith\Jedi Council Member\Shadow Hand\Aristia: 40 Force points\12 Physical points
(6) Dark Lord of the Sith\Jedi Blademaster\Lord of Shadows: 45 Force points\14 Physical points
(7) Sith Emperor\Jedi Grand Master\Shadow Emperor\The Forge: 50 Force points\15 Physical points



    Infuse: Strengthens armor or weapons to be able to withstand 12 hits from a lightsaber or blaster.
           --Force Infuse: Strengthens armor or weapons to be able to withstand 35 hist from a lightsaber or blaster. (2)
                 ---Master Infuse: Strengthens armor or weapons to be able to withstand a 75 hits from a lightsaber or blaster. (3)
Metallurgy: Creation of equipment/armor, basic.

          -- Sith Sword: You can create Sith Swords. (3)
                 ---Soul Gems: Creation of Soul Gems and more advanced equipment/armor. (3)
Sith Poison: You can poison a weapon or item. Sith poison drives a being to the dark side or insane, depending on the poison.
           --Poison Opponent: You can simply poison your opponent without touching. (2)
                 ---Poison Cloud: You create a cloud of Sith poison in a radius of 25 meters. (3)
Sith Runic Tattoos: The creation and application of Sith tattoos which indicate extreme dedication to the Sith arts.
           --Sith Amulets and Talismans: You can create these which may add strength to a specific Force ability. (3)
                 ---Sith Symbiote: You can create a cloak that only you can wear. It will be able to block lightsaber attacks as well as make you near invulnerable to energy attacks. (5)


    Focus: Increases the effectiveness of Force Stealth, Force Cloak, and Force Strike.
     * * * * *
     Control Breathing: Breath in any environment.

     Crucitorn: Force user ignores pain.
    Force Bellow: Similar to Force scream and Hatred. Disorientates nearby opponents.
     Masquerade: Disguises your face.
           --Force Stealth: Disguises your body, camouflages you. (2)
                 ---Force Cloak: Removes your Force presence. (3)
Morichro: suspending need for food, water, lowering heart rate for several days (air for several hours). Target seems dead.
           --Acolyte/Knight Morichro: suspending need for food, water, lowering heart rate for months (air for several days). Target seems dead. (2)
                 ---Master Morichro: suspending need for food, water and lowering heart rate for years (air for several months) can be turned on opponent to shut down internal organs. Target seems dead. (3)
Spider Walk: Walk on any surface regardless of gravity and position.


     Battery: Increases the effectiveness of Drain Energy and Absorb Energy.
     * * * * *
     Create Light: Creates a brief, bright flash of light that temporarily blinds opponents.
           --Create Glowball: Creates a small star which can be used to hide ships. (4)
                --- Force Light: Purges dark side energy from a location, even planets. (7)
Dissipate Energy: Allows you to dissipate energy attacks.
           --Absorb Energy: Allows you to harness and store energy from attacks or items. (2)
                 ---Force Deflection: Can deflect Sith lightening or Electric Judgment at the user or other targets. (4)
Drain Energy: Drain the energy from a piece of equipment in a range of 5 meters.

          -- Drain Life: Drain a living being's life force in a range of 5 meters. (2)
                 ---Drain Force: Drain Force energy from Force users in a range of 5 meters and replenish your own energies.
Force Barrier: Protects yourself for a few moments from attacks.
           --Protection Bubble: A small protective bubble surrounds a group for a few moments. (3)
                --- Force Harmony: Creates an impenetrable shield against the Dark Side. (5)
Electric Judgment: a single bolt of non-lethal lightening.
           --Sith Lightning: Multiple bolts of potentially lethal dark side tainted lightning. (2)
                 ---Summon Storm: Bring about an uncontrollable Force storm. Local only. (5)
Force Stun: Stuns a target for 5-10 seconds.
          -- Force Stasis: Stuns target for 2-3 minutes. (3)
                 ---Force Stasis Field: Stuns a small group of targets for 3-5 minutes. (4)


    Attuned: Increases the effectiveness of Heal Self and Heal Another.
     * * * * *
    Commune: If you die, you may still communicate with the living though you may not use any Force powers/abilities. (4)
     Create Life: Create non-sentient animated beings such as animals. All powers in this branch require time and energy to use.
           --Create Semi-Sentient: You may create semi-sentient beings. (2)
                 ---Create Force Sensitivity: You can create Force-sensitivity in another making them able to use the Force.
Cure Disease: Can cure natural diseases. Requires Heal Self.
           --Cure Poison: Can counter the effects of poison.
                 Detoxify: Able to remove Sith poison. (3)
Heal Self: Can heal yourself or go into a healing trance.
           --Heal Another: Can heal others or put them into a healing trance. (2)
                 ---Healing Touch: Allows you to regenerate limbs. (5)
                       ----Force Resuscitation: Revives the dead with healed injuries. Requires time and energy. (7)
Necromancy, Creatures: You can bring back dead non-sentients. Note: if wounded, must have and use appropriate Healing powers to make revival permanent. All powers in this branch require time and energy to use.
           --Necro-Sentient: You can bring back dead sentients (non-Force users). (3)
                 ---Necro-Force: You can bring back dead Jedi/Sith. (5)
                      ---- Create Force Wraith: You can create Force Wraiths. (6)
                             ---Incantation (Lords Only): You may summon the spirit of a Dark Lord of the Sith. You must receive special permission to do this. (7)
Transfer Essence, Minor: You can transfer someone's essence into an object. (2)
           --Transcend Death: Though your body may die, you spirit will not. You are not affected by the physical and can still use the Force, as well as be affected by it. Once this is used, only the dark side can be touched, the user is stripped from the ability to use light side powers. (5)
                --- Transfer Essence, Major: You can transfer your essence into another body. (6)


     Mind Trick: Increases the effectiveness of Affect Mind and Illusion.
     Link: Increases the effectiveness of Telepathy and Life Bond or Life Bind.
     * * * * *
     Affect Mind: The power of suggestion.
           --Dreamweaver: You control their daydreams and your projection is constantly on their mind.
       --- Dark Majesty: All non-Force users within line of sight cannot disagree with you, nor fight against you. It also increases effectiveness against Force users. (5)
---Calming Aura: Nearby non-Force users and non-sentients find it difficult to fight with you or oppose you. Makes Force users more sensitive to agreeing with you. Requires Dreamweaver. (5)
     Combine Power: Adds your powers and abilities to another. You cannot move. Requires Telepathy. (2)
     Control Mind: Increases allies efficiency x2 on a small scale such as a single ship or small group of soldiers, this is not on the scale of Battle Meditation. Requires Telepathy. (2)
           Battle Meditation: Increases allies efficiency x2 on a large scale such as a fleet or army. Cannot be used while fighting personally. Cannot be used while fighting personally. Also requires Affect Mind. You need permission to add this power.
                 --Improved Battle Meditation: x3 (2)
                       ---Expert Battle Mediation: x5 (3)
                             ----Master Battle Meditation: x10 (5)
Drain Knowledge: Cause someone to forget a certain time period or event or rip the knowledge out of their mind without consent.
           --Mind Wipe: Completely erase a person's memories. Permission required (6)
Illusion: Can only show objects and limited images. Requires Affect Mind. (2)
           --Doppleganger: Create an exact image of self. (2)
                 ---Master Illusions: Can create an entire reality.
Jedi Meld: Increases the combat prowess of nearby Jedi and can be used while fighting. Requires Control Mind. (3)
     Life Bind: You can bind someone's life to your's, seeing, hearing, and feeling what they feel, as well as knowing their thoughts and controlling them. Requires Telepathy. (4)
     Life Bond: Joins another's thoughts and feelings to your own temporarily. May communicate clearer than Telepathy but requires more energy. Requires Telepathy (4)
    Memory Transference: Transfers memories from past month. (3)
           --Improved Memory: Transfers memories from last 3-5 years. (4)
                 ---Master Memory: Transfers memories from a lifetime. (6)
Mental Translocation: Your mind can see things in far away places. There are some limits to this.
     Telepathy: Communicate telepathically. Efficiency depends on rank of the user and the distance over which he\she tries to communicate.
           Sever Force: Sever the Force from a user cutting them off from the Force. Must have permission to use this. Requires Life Bind or Life Bond, and Link.


     Naturalist: Increases the effectiveness of all abilities having to do with plants or animals.
     * * * * *
     Animal Husbandry: The temporary control of docile animals.
           --Animal Mastery: The temporary control of all animals, docile and hostile.
                 ---Create Familiar: Creates a permanent link with an animal. (3)
Force Grow: Create small plant life.
           --Improved Grow: Create medium-sized plant life. (2)
                 ---Master Grow: Create large-sized plant life. (3)
Force Whirlwind: Creates a tornado like whirlwind that can hurl targets around within a 10 meter range.
           --Improved Whirlwind: Any target within 25 meters. (2)
                 ---Master Whirlwind: Any target within 50 meters. (4)
Tremor: Can make the ground around you shake. Requires Telekinesis.
           --Earthquake: Can create a local earthquake on a planet with a radius of 50 meters. Requires Improved Telekinesis. (4)
                 ---Sense the Fault: Can locate a natural fault in the crust of a planet and destabilize it creating a large earthquake. Requires Master Telekinesis.


     Aware: Increases the effectiveness of Enhance Senses and See Force.
     Compassion: Increases the effectiveness of Empathy and Sense Life.
     Enhance Ability: Enhances one of your own abilities.
           --Force Enlightenment: Enhances one of your own abilities. Can be used with Enhance Ability. (2)
Malevolent: Increases the effectiveness of Fear, Horror, Waves of Darkness and Hatred.
     Mettle: Increases the effectiveness of Battlemind and Force Defense.
     * * * * *
     Battlemind: Increases combat prowess, focus, and stamina.

     Courage: boosts courage in the face of Fear and Hatred. (3)
           --Braveheart: boosts courage in the face of Horror and Waves of Darkness. (3)
Empathy: Allows you to feel what others feel.
     Enhance Senses: Enhance the sensitivity of your physical senses.
           --Sense the Sin: You are able to discover another's weakness.
Enshroud: Draws darkness around you, concealing you. 5 meter radius.
           --Hand of Darkness: You draw the darkness around anything you see. (2)
                 ---Darkness: Darkens everything within a 25 meter radius.
Farseeing: See the future, hours and days. (2)
           --Improved Sight: See the future, weeks and months. (3)
                 ---Master Sight: See the future, years and decades.
Fear: Causes your nearby enemies to fear and tremble. (2)
           --Horror: You paralyze your enemies with fear for a few moments. (3)
                 ---Waves of Darkness: Your enemies are overwhelmed by fear and flee. (6)
Feed on the Dark Side: Others' fears give you strength and power.
    Force Defense: Increases your defense against Force-based attacks.
     Fury: Places you in a fury that increases your attack strength at a small expense to your defense.
          -- Rage: Triples your fury at an expense to your defense.(3)
Hatred: Unleash waves of hatred, causing brief confusion.
     Sense Life: Can detect the presence of people around you.
           --See Force: You see if someone has Force-potential. (3)
                 ---Harrowing: Allows you to detect any presence, regardless of stealth ability.


     Mind over Matter: Increases the effectiveness of Telekinesis, Force Leap, Force Speed and Force Strike.
     * * * * *
     Burst of Speed: Move twice as fast for 30-45 seconds.
           --Force Speed: Twice as fast for 3-5 minutes. (2)
                 ---Improved Speed: Three times as fast for 2-3 minutes. (3)
                       ----Master Speed: Three times as fast for 5-10 minutes. (4)
Force Leap: You can jump or fall from a 10 meter range.
           --Improved Leap: 25 meter range. (2)
                 ---Master Leap: 50 meter range. (4)
Force Strike: Powerful telekinetic strike at a target within 10 Meters. Requires Improved Telekinesis.
           --Improved Strike: Any target within 25 Meters. (2)
                 ---Master Strike: Any target within 50 Meters. (3)
Telekinesis: Move a small object limited distance or grip a person's neck or limb.
           --Improved Telekinesis: Squeeze an opponent to death with the Force or move a larger object a limited distance. (2)
                 ---Master Telekinesis: Move a large object a far range, even outside visibility.


    Lightsaber Duelist I: combat against other Force using non-ranged weapon wielding opponents.
           --Lightsaber Duelist II: more experienced.
                 ---Lightsaber Duelist III: more experienced.
                      ----Lightsaber Duelist IV: expert lightsaber duelist.
Alternate Weapons Duelist I: combat using Sith swords, double and twin lightsabers, lightwhips, and all alternate non ranged weapons against another Force using opponent.
           --Alternate Weapons Duelist II: more experienced.
                 ---Alternate Weapons Duelist III: more experienced.
                       ----Alternate Weapons Duelist IV: expert alternate weapons duelist.Lightsaber Defense I: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than one source.
          --Lightsaber Defense II: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than three sources.
                 ---Lightsaber Defense III: Can deflect blaster fire from no more than four sources and may redirect 25% of them with deadly accuracy.
                       ----Lightsaber Defense IV: Can deflect and redirect all blaster fire from no more than six sources.
Force Fighter I: ability to use the Force in combat against non-Force users.
           --Force Fighter II: more experienced.
                 ---Force Fighter III: more experienced.
                       ----Force Fighter IV: expert force fighter.
Melee Fighter I: ability to used selected melee weapon against non-Force users.
          --Melee Fighter II: more experienced.
                 ---Melee Fighter III: more experienced.
                       ----Melee Fighter IV: expert melee fighter.

Special credit to Force users for the templates

Force Power Template 2012-114
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