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Powertech Weapon Master:
A powertech was a type of bounty hunter that appeared during the years of the Great Galactic War and the Cold War that followed it circa 3,653 BBY. Powertech's wore powered armor, served the resurgent Sith Empire and were known for their use of wrist-mounted flamethrowers and personal energy shields as well as their ability to absorb impressive amounts of damage in battle. However these days they serve any who pay the right price.
The best in shielding, defensive tactics and high-powered flamethrowers combine to make the Powertech an impenetrable one-man blockade, getting up close and personal to take down enemies of all sizes.

Weapon Focus: The Powertech Weapon Master is more familiar with weapons than most and has mastered a wide range of death-dealing devices. At level Fifteen the Powertech gains the weapon focus perk.

Martial Arts Legend: The First lesson a Powertech Weapon Master learns is the greatest weapon of all is his own body. At Level Sixteen a Powertech gains an extra attack when in unarmed combat.

Superior Weapon: The Powertech Weapon Master is feared by many for his vast array of death dealing devices but only one truly strikes fear in an enemy’s heart. At level seventeen the Powertech's opponent is so scared that he is a considered a rank lower in his weapons and force skills if the Powertech is wielding the weapon of choice. Note: The weapon is user’s choice and cannot be changed once chosen. The weapon chosen must be in parenthesis next to the Superior Weapon special path ability.

Master Of Arms: In the hands of a Powertech Weapon Master a weapon can transcend the effectiveness it has even in the hands of a master. Starting at level eighteen the Powertech Weapon Master can purchase a fourth rank in any weapon group or exotic weapon.

Superior Combat Training: In the hands of a Powertech Weapon Master a weapon can transcend the effectiveness it has even in the hands of a master. Starting at level ninteen the Weapon Master can purchase a fourth rank in any combat Form.

Ultimate Weapon Focus: The Powertech Weapon Master has become so familiar with using weapons than anyone else that they are a rank higher than the weapon he is using even if he is untrained or if it puts him above masterful. This ability is gained at level twenty.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Weapon Focus
16 Martial Arts Legend
17 Superior Weapon
18 Master Of Arms
19 Superior Combat Training
20 Ultimate Weapon Focus

Proficiency Points:
W: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
S: 15, 16, 19, 20
P: 16, 17, 19
F: 17, 19, 20

Ghost Tech:
LIke his powertech alternative the Ghost Tech relies on technology and heavy defence, however unlike the powertech he also focuses on stealth tech as opposed to relying exlcusievely on firepower alone. The best in shielding, defensive tactics and high-powered flamethrowers combine to make the Ghsot Tech an impenetrable one-man blockade, getting up close and personal to take down enemies of all sizes or allowing them to approach by stealth.

Shadow Stalk: It is at level fifteen that a Ghost Tech first learns the technique that defines their craft. The Ghost Tech may “Shadow Stalk” from any one patch of darkness to another up to 10 feet times their total character level away. They may not linger in the shadows, emerging immediately after Shadow Stalking and they may not perform any action after Shadow Stalking except defend themselves until their next turn.

Ghost Armor: Using the same stealth technology as Shadow Stalk at sixteenth level a Ghost Tech learns to create Ghost Armor. This armor is considered heavy but requires no armor proficiency as it is weightless. Ghost Armor lasts for a number of turns equal to the Ghost Tech's character level.

Hunters Key: After the more brute matters of combat have been addressed the Ghost Tech learns more subtle arts. At level seventeen the Ghost Tech may ue their techniques to create a skeleton key that may open any lock and slice any computer.

Rocket Propelled: At level eighteen the Ghost Tech gains the ability to unleash five rockets from their hiding spot at a target. These rockets emerge from the Ghost Tech's rocket launcher and may attack or manipulate objects up to twenty feet away. These rockets last for a number of turns equal to the number of Ghost Tech levels possessed (i.e. only levels 15-20 count). Sudden explosions dissolve or disarm these rockets.

Stealth Tactics: At level nineteen a Ghost Tech gains the ability to render themselves invisible or block blaster fire using a modified stealth/personal shield generator. The affect can stop any explosive the Ghost Tech desires but cannot exceed a total area coverage of the Ghost Tech's level in square feet. It is completely solid and indestructible to everything but sudden bursts of bright light or incendiaries.

Multiple Pulse: This ability is the culmination of the Ghost Tech's techniques. This ability, gained at level twenty, allows the Ghost Tech to unleash several thermo detonators at once that sends out a wave that knocks all, friend or foe, in a twenty foot radius around the Ghost Tech off their feet.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Shadow Stalk
16 Ghost Armor
17 Hunters Key
18 Rocket Propelled
19 Stealth Tactics
20 Multiple Pulse

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 17, 19, 20
S: 15, 16, 18, 19, 20
P: 15, 16, 18, 19
F: 15, 17, 20

Pariah Void Hunter:
Pariahs, also known as blacksouls, psychic nulls and the soulless, are entities that have no presence in the force to a degree. Pariahs are the antithesis of the force as their being does not have any presence in the force and indeed radiates a sense of unnaturalness and unease that is uncomfortable to living creatures and can be painful or even lethal to telepathically sensitive beings such as force-sensitives.
Pariahs are believed to have been created and seeded into the human population by the Yhuzang Vong as part of their plan to remove all taint of force sensitives and technology from the galaxy. The Pariah gene is passed on as is any other gene, or occurs through random mutation, just as those genes that cause susceptibility to the 'force' mutation. Pariahs are infinitely rarer than Ysalamiri and make up a negligible proportion of the population, with maybe one individual per planet arising every generation, and they generally die young as their aura of disgust and nausea turns other living beings against them. Still, a few Pariahs survive to become bounty hunters. Most are those that have deserted the Sith Empire, Jedi or Jensaarai for one reason or another and they use their curse to become some of the deadliest hunters in the Galaxy.

Bounty Hunter Training: All Void Hunter's draw on a core set of techniques that define their Path. These combat methodologies form the basis of their later development. At level fifteen a Void Hunter receives two Ranks in the Force Pike Exotic Weapon, the ability to use Lightpikes, complete Ranks in Armor Proficiency and the highest Martial Arts Perk for which they meet the prerequisites. Should the Void Hunter already possess all of these then he instead receives three Combat Proficiency points instead.

Uneasy Truce: Void Hunter's, were taught techniques to keep others alive should they be seriously injured. Though never actually used, historically speaking, these techniques could keep a failing life from flicking out before medical assistance could arrive. At level sixteen, a Void Hunter learns this power. As long as the Void Hunter does nothing other than focus into the dying being at the expense of a small personal drain from their own essence, the target of this power cannot die. Doing *anything* other than breathing, shifting one’s position or saying a few brief words breaks the concentration that allows this power to function.

Deadly Game: Part of a Void Hunter's strategy inevitably involves stealth. At level seventeen they learn to use that stealth to deadly effect. If the Void Hunter strikes an opponent unawares then he does one and a half times damage. This stacks with other damage bonuses.

Found Their Weakness: The primary purpose of the Void Hunter is to hunt down Jedi, Sith and Jensaarai and they developed special techniques to deprive their targets of their best defense. This ability, gained at level eighteen, allows the Void Hunter to create a dead zone in which Force Powers do not function. To do so the Void Hunter sacrifices all of his remaining tactical uses (he may rest later for at least eight hours to regain them, as normal). The technique then comes into being for a number of turns equal to the Tactical Uses sacrificed and covers an equal number of square feet. All within are denied the Force, not just the Void Hunter's foes.

Armored Thug: Perhaps the most identifiable aspect of the Void Hunter is their armor and, at level nineteen, they learn to utilize it to its fullest effect. Any armor worn by the Void Hunter is considered a Rank higher than it is. This means Powered Armor worn by the Void Hunter essentially functions as Rank five armor. Furthermore, regardless of its composition, the Void Hunter knows how to roll with Lightsaber hits so that his armor functions normally against them. A Void Hunter must be wearing armor to gain these effects.

Target Acquired: The greatest of the Void Hunter's know techniques that make all Force Sensitives around them experience indescribable anguish. Many Jedi, Sith and Jensaarai Masters fell to this terrible power during the Great Purge. At level twenty, any Force Sensitives under the effects of the Void Hunter's target acquired ability take damage every turn. Only the Void Hunter and non-Force Sensitives are immune to its effects, it does not distinguish between ally and enemy.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Bounty Hunter Training
16 Uneasy Truce
17 Deadly Game
18 Found Their Weakness
19 Armored Thug
20 Target Acquired

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
S: 16, 18
P: 15, 16, 17, 20
T: 15, 17, 18, 19


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