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Sith Non-Force User - Imperial Stormtrooper Master Path's Empty Sith Non-Force User - Imperial Stormtrooper Master Path's

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Imperial Dark Trooper :

Dark Troopers are elite trained infantry units picked from the best of the stortroopers to blend with advanced battle droid and infantry exoskeletons to create the perfect weapon to combat the force users they face. They feature heavy plating that resemble the armor of a stormtrooper, powerful weapons, and jump-packs for increased flexibility and tactical advantage giving this beast the technological edge in combat. Originally initiated by Emperor Palpatineduring the Clone Wars before it was shut down it has since fallen into the hands of Emperor Lucifer who realised his dream and now the project has come to full realization, as a result the Sith Empire now produces the perfect battlefield infantry unit—it's the ultimate combat amalgam of a man's creativity, unpredictability, and initiative combined with the resilience and firepower of a heavy battle droid. The exoskeleton provides its wearer with increased firepower, strength, and durability.

Weapon Focus: The Dark trooper is more familiar with weapons than most and has mastered a wide range of death-dealing devices. At level Fifteen the Dark Trooper gains the weapon focus perk to use on a weapon of his choice.

Cybernectic Organism: The First lesson a Dark Trooper learns is the greatest weapon of all is his own body and machine. At Level Sixteen a Dark Trooper gains an extra attack when in unarmed or close quarters combat.

Under Heavy Fire: The Dark Trooper is feared by many for his vast array of death dealing devices but only one truly strikes fear in an enemy’s heart. At level seventeen the Dark Trooper's opponent is so scared that he is a considered a rank lower in his current weapons or force skills if the Dark Trooper is wielding the weapon of choice. Note: The weapon is user’s choice and cannot be changed once chosen. The weapon chosen must be in parenthesis next to the Under Heavy Fire Path Ability.

Advanced Combat Training: In the hands of a Dark Trooper a weapon can transcend the effectiveness it has even in the hands of a master. Starting at level eighteen the Dark Trooper can purchase a fourth rank in any weapon group or exotic weapon.

Master Combat Training: In the hands of a Dark Trooper a weapon can transcend the effectiveness it has even in the hands of a master. Starting at level nineteen the Dark Trooper can purchase a fourth rank in any Combat Form.

Supreme Weapon Focus: The Dark Trooper has become so familiar with using weapons than anyone else that they are a rank higher than the weapon he is using even if he is untrained or if it puts him above masterful. This ability is gained at level twenty.

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
S: 15, 16, 19, 20
P: 16, 17, 19
T: 17, 19, 20

Imperial Sith Trooper:

Sith Troopers were the foot soldiers of the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War. Former Republic forces in the beginning, later free people who followed Revan. Sith troopers were also the primary infantry units for the Sith Triumvirate during the Dark Wars. The faceless and inhuman design of the Sith trooper armor they wore as well as their aggressive combat tactics gave a sense of fear that would often demoralize enemy forces into surrender. They have returned again in the new Sith Empire led by the Emperor, Lucifer. However they are now have superior combat weaponary and tactics.

Tactical Specialist: The key point of a Sith Trooper is that that are expert tacticians. What they sacrifice in versatility, they more than make up for in proficiency. Starting at level fifteen, whenever a Sith Trooper wields only a Heavy Repeater Blaster they receive a bonus Rank in whatever combat form they are currently using.

Armored Protection: A Sith energy shield is a compact, forearm-mounted personal shield generator that offers some protection against energy-based weapons. The Sith version improves upon standard Republic issue arm shields by increasing efficiency and offering moderate protection against sonic weapons. This ability, gained at level sixteen, makes any armor worn by the Sith Trooper a Rank higher. This can essentially make powered armor into ‘Rank five’ armor. Additionally, a Sith Trooper learns how to roll with lightsaber hits so that all armor he wears endures hits from lightsabers like normal attacks even if it otherwise lacks this ability.

Crush Their Spirit: When Sith Trooper's take to the field enemy columns crumble before them. This not accomplished solely by force of arms but also by subtle psychological applications via the armor design. Sith Trooper armor, while bearing the same level of functionality that belongs to most other types of armor, is designed specifically to induce fear in the opponent. The armor casing is emphasized, while the trooper is completely obscured from view by a one-way visor, creating the impression of a faceless enemy. When a Sith Trooper uses a mind-affecting Tactical Power during combat (Fanatic Devotion, Conquering Hero etc.) they receive a bonus Rank in that Power. This ability is gained at level seventeen.

Unstoppable Charge: The Sith Trooper charges and all flee. Those who follow in their track seek to emulate their furious charge. Starting at level eighteen, when a Sith Trooper declares an Unstoppable Charge he receives +4 to his Strength and Toughness until he reaches his destination. (which must be within eyesight of his starting point). This ability can be used a number of times per Mission equal to one fourth the Sith Trooper’s level (round down if not a whole number).

Advanced Tactical Specialist: As the Sith Trooper ascends in his combat style he begins to see the true purpose behind wielding a blaster or rifle. Beyond increased precision, this aspect of the style frees the Sith Trooper’s off-hand for tactical gestures. Whenever a Sith Trooper is in combat and wielding only a blaster rifle, all Tactical Powers requiring gestures (Space Cowboy/girl, Run 'n Gun etc) the Sith Trooper uses gain a bonus Rank. If the Power in question is also enhanced by Crush Their Spirit (for example, Fanatic Devotion) then the bonuses stack. The Sith Trooper may not add a gesture to an otherwise gestureless Power to gain this bonus.

Battle Hardened: The Sith Trooper's armor is dense, those who think their strike will behead are often disappointed. Sith Troopers mark the pinnacle of their achievement when they can stand alone without the force and believe themselves invulnerable. This ability, gained at level twenty and useable twice a Mission, allows a Sith Trooper to ignore all damage from a single source. Certain sources of damage cannot be ignored (no one can survive having a Star Destroyer crash on top of them).

15 Tactical Specialist
16 Armored Protection
17 Crush Their Spirit
18 Unstoppable Charge
19 Advanced Tactical Specialist
20 Battle Hardened

Proficiency Points
C: 15, 16, 18, 19
S: 15, 16, 18, 19
P: 15, 16, 17, 19, 20
F: 17, 19, 20

Imperial Shock Trooper:

Shock Troopers are the elite members of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, specialized in the use of various non-standard weapons and equipment. They are also distinguishable from standard stormtroopers by their extra heavy plate armor. Some even wear different color markings on their armor similar to the markings used by Phase I clone trooper armor to denote their rank. Imperial Shock Troopers are trained to fulfill various battlefield support roles and carry a wide variety of equipment. Shock Troopers are effective against enemy armor columns and in infantry lightfight.

Evasive Action: At level fifteen the Shock Trooper gains the ability to reduce any damage done to him by one-fourth if he does nothing on his turn prior to the damage being dealt.

Combat Expertise: At level sixteen the Shock Trooper gains the combat expertise perk even if he doesn’t meet the prerequisites.

Covering Fire: Harking back to their origins as clones, Shock Troopers may take the damage of any ally within twenty feet regardless of the source of the damage. This ability is gained at level seventeen.

Take Cover: At level eighteen the Shock Trooper's Evasive Action stance prevents one third of the damage dealt.

I Feel Nothing: At level nineteen due to the Shock Trooper's military indoctrination he gains the ability to ignore all pain if he spends a turn applying stims before combat. This ability lasts for the duration of the combat.

Evasive Maneuvers: At level twenty the Shcok Trooper's evasive action stance prevents half of the damage dealt.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Evasive Action
16 Combat Expertise
17 Covering Fire
18 Take Cover
19 I Feel Nothing
20 Evasive Maneuvers

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 19, 20
S: 16, 18, 20
P: 15, 17, 19
T: 15, 16, 17, 18, 20


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