Jensaarai Force User - Jensaarai Force Warrior Master Path's

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Jensaarai Force User - Jensaarai Force Warrior Master Path's

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Jensaarai Weapon Master:

Drawn from both the Jensaarai Force Warriors are well trained in weaponry but some amongst the Force Warrior Elite focus their efforts almost entirely on weapons training. As old as the Sith and Jedi themselves, these Weapon Masters’ roots can be traced back as far as the Minions of Xendor’s and the first rebellion against the Jedi when Xendor counted a number of Jedi Weapon Masters as members of his army and vice versa. To a Jensaarai there is little difference between a Sith Weapon Master and his Jedi counterparts. While Sith and Jedi Weapon Masters both dedicate themselves to weapons training the underlying reason behind the choice to do this is what separates them and this is what the Jensaarai combine. Whereas Jedi Weapon Masters learn the way of weapons as a means of defending others, the Sith Weapon Master seeks to mastery the art of armed combat in order to prove his strength and bring ruin to his enemies...a Jensaarai Weapon Master knows the value of both ways of fighting.

Weapon Focus: The Weapon Master is more familiar with weapons than most and has mastered a wide range of death-dealing devices. At level Fifteen the Weapon Master gains the weapon focus perk to use on one weapon of his choice belonging to any of the weapon groups other than lightsabres.

Martial Arts Master: The First lesson a Weapon Master learns is the greatest weapon of all is his own body. At Level Sixteen a Sith Weapon Master gains an extra attack when in unarmed combat.

Acknowledging Blade: The Jensaarai Weapon Master is feared by many for his vast array of death dealing devices and combining them with both Sith and Jedi methods but only one truly strikes fear in an enemy’s heart. At level seventeen the Jensaarai Weapon Master's opponent is so scared that he is a considered a rank lower in his weapons and force skills if the Weapons Master is wielding the weapon of choice. Note: The weapon is user’s choice and cannot be changed once chosen. The weapon chosen must be in parenthesis next to the Acknowledging Blade special ability.

Supreme Weapon Training: In the hands of a Weapon Master a weapon can transcend the effectiveness it has even in the hands of a master. Starting at level eighteen the Weapon Master can purchase a fourth rank in any weapon group or exotic weapon.

Supreme Form Training: In the hands of a Weapon Master a Lightsaber can transcend the effectiveness it has even in the hands of a master. Starting at level ninteen the Weapon Master can purchase a fourth rank in any Lightsaber Form.

Ultimate Weapon Focus: The Weapon Master has become so familiar with using weapons than anyone else that they are a rank higher than the weapon he is using even if he is untrained or if it puts him above masterful. This ability is gained at level twenty.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Weapon Focus
16 Martial Arts Master
17 Acknowledging Blade
18 Supreme Weapon Training
19 Supreme Form Training
20 Ultimate Weapon Focus

Proficiency Points:
W: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
S: 15, 16, 19, 20
P: 16, 17, 19
F: 17, 19, 20

Jensaarai Peacekeeper:

A Jedi Peacekeeper was once one of the oldest and most common roles a member of the Jedi Order could specialize in. Classified by the Jedi as the specialization focusing on police and security operations, this class worked with local law enforcement agencies to suppress violence before it erupted. While the role of the Peacekeeper within the Order had remained constant throughout its history, the ideal held by these individuals was first compiled by the Guardian Jedi ace Crix Sunburris in the text, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force.
The group of Peacekeepers stationed on Coruscant were based out of the Jedi Temple and many worked for the Temple Security Force. Charged with protecting the Temple's occupants and treasures, they also watched over the Temple Precinct and the civilians which called it their home.
Notable Peacekeepers included Jedi Gate Master Jurokk[2] and Jedi Master Tera Sinube from which the Jensaarai took their inspiration when they discovered their holocrons. When the Great Jedi Purge happened many Jedi Peacekeepers went into hiding amonst the Jensaarai and soon taught their knowledge to the others and thus the Jensaarai Peacekeeper was born to do what the Jedi or Sith could not.

Lightsaber Style: The key point of a Jensaarai Peacekeeper is that its users take their inspiration from both Sith Juggernaut's and Jedi Peacekeepers as such at Starting at level fifteen, they as the Juggernaut's wield only one single-bladed lightsaber at a time to keep at least one hand free. What this sacrifices in versatility, it more than makes up for in proficiency. Starting at level fifteen, whenever a Jensaarai Peacekeeper wields only a single-bladed lightsaber they receive a bonus Rank in whatever lightsaber form they are currently using.

Armor Magister: As a master armorer a Jensaarai has trained for years in combat related roles and making armor where required. The Jensaarai generally construct their lightsabers at an earlier stage in their training than the Jedi, and see the construction of their armor as more important. To the Jedi, the lightsaber represents the outward manifestation of any given Jedi, each lightsaber is as unique as the Jedi that crafted it, and this is no less true for the Jensaarai in terms of their armor. Starting at level sixteen the Jensaarai Peacekeeper may take a fourth rank in the Profession: Armorer skill.

Unrelenting Charge: The Rhino stampedes and all flee. Those who follow in its tracks seek to emulate its furious charge. Starting at level seventeen, just like when a Sith Juggernaut declares an Unstoppable Charge so does a Jensaarai PEacekeeper seek to emulate animal movements and aggression and as such he receives +4 to his Strength and Toughness until he reaches his destination. (which must be within eyesight of his starting point). This ability can be used a number of times per Mission equal to one fourth the Peacekeeper’s level (round down if not a whole number).

Improved Lightsaber Stylist: As the Peacekeeper ascends in his style he begins to see the true purpose behind wielding a single lightsaber. Beyond increased precision, this aspect of the style frees the Peacekeeper's off-hand for Force gestures. Whenever a Peacekeeper is in combat and wielding only a single-bladed lightsaber, all Force Powers requiring gesture (Force Choke, Force Push/Pull, Force Lightning, etc.) the Peacekeeper at level eighteen uses gain a bonus Rank. If the Power in question is also enhanced by another power (for example, Mind Trick) then the bonuses stack. The Peacekeeper may not add a gesture to an otherwise gestureless Power to gain this bonus.

Suppression: The Jensaarai Peacekeepers job is to work with local law enforcement agencies to suppress violence before it erupts and as such they are well trained for the task. Starting at level nineteen a Jensaarai Peacekeeper may use the local law enforcement and enact a cordone around the target area while he suppresses the violence. Anyone caught within the target area of 100 metres is eviscerated by the local enforcement and the Jensaarai Peacekeeper.

Animality: The Jensaarai armor is further customized to represent an animal the wearer can relate to. It was common practice for armor to be styled on animals that are not overly aggressive, but are capable of adequately protecting themselves when threatened, such as a reek or Corellian sand panther. If the wearer is so inclined, modifications to the armor include systems designed to better emulate the creature in question, such as built-in macrobinoculars or retractable claws. The construction of Jensaarai armor is a deeply personal affair, and is as much of an art form as lightsaber construction, requiring just as much dedication and skill. At level twenty a Jensaarai Peacekeeper chooses a animal that best represents them and as such whenever they wear the 'animal' armor the damage to a target is quadrupled.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Lightsaber Style
16 Armor Magister
17 Unrelenting Charge
18 Improved Lightsaber Stylist
19 Suppression
20 Animality

Proficiency Points
C: 15, 16, 18, 19
S: 15, 16, 18, 19
P: 15, 16, 17, 19, 20
F: 17, 19, 20

Jensaarai Shield Defender:

Amongst many species there are Orders of warrior-monks, many would not believe that such individuals would exist amongst the Jensaarai but many things are surprising about them. Shield Defender is the name given to those Jensaarai who maintain a vigil over the Suarbi system, diverting and distracting enemies through the use of their Force abilities and form something of a starfighter corps to protect Susevfi from pirates and/or fleeing criminals. The shield defenders act as well much as secretaries, assistants, and bodyguards for the Saarai-kaar.

Mystic Knowledge: The first true sign of a Shield Defender is the mystical knowledge they originally learned from the sorcerers and jedi healers they protected. Starting at level fifteen a Templar may purchase Ranks in Sith Sorcery, Healing and Sith Alchemy as though they were an Sith Acolyte or Jedi Researcher.

Defensive Stance: At level sixteen the Shield Defender gains the ability to reduce any damage done to him by one-fourth if he does nothing but defend himself on his turn prior to the damage being dealt.

Die For The Cause: Harking back to their origins as bodyguards, Shield Defender's may take the damage dealt to any ally within twenty feet regardless of the source of the damage. A Shield Defender’s Stance ability can lower this damage. This ability is gained at level seventeen.

Stance of Unity: At level eighteen the Shield Defender’s Defensive Stance prevents one third of the damage dealt.

I Feel Nothing: At level nineteen the Shield Defender gains the ability to ignore all pain if he spends a turn meditating before combat. This ability lasts for the duration of the combat.

Inhuman Stance: At level twenty the Shield Defender’s defensive stance prevents half of the damage dealt.

Lvl Special Abilities
15 Mystic Knowledge
16 Defensive Stance
17 Die For The Cause
18 Stance Of Unity
19 I Feel Nothing
20 Inhuman Stance

Proficiency Points:
C: 15, 16, 17, 19, 20
S: 16, 18, 20
P: 15, 17, 19
F: 15, 16, 17, 18, 20


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