Operative - Neutral Non-Force User Advanced Path

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Operative - Neutral Non-Force User Advanced Path

Post by Guest on Mon May 28, 2012 10:59 pm

Operative: Operatives are spies responsible for providing information, equipments or goods to a faction. While the term could refer to specialized combat troops, some operatives are non-combatants who use stealth or subterfuge to infiltrate a target. Some operatives work in support services to other military units but most work in intelligence. The Jedi Order, Sith Empire and Jensaarai use operatives on several worlds. Whether ambushing enemies from stealth or using advanced technology the operative will do whatever it takes to advance the agenda of the chosen faction they serve. These operatives serve their masters loyally and are combat capable. They are known for wielding blaster rifles, energy blades, and utilizing stealth field generators.

Special Abilities:

Reconaisaince, Counter Intelligence and Insurgency: : At level five the Operative gains the Reconaisaince ability, which makes him one rank higher than he actually is in the Move Silently Skill. At level nine this is upgraded to the Counter Intelligence, which makes the Operative two ranks higher than he is. And at level twelve the Operative achieves the Insurgency and is considered three ranks higher than he is in the move silently skill.

Covert Op, Cloak & Dagger and Black Bag Op: At level six the Operative learns the secrets of the Covert Op. These teachings make him a rank higher than he actually is in the Hide Skill. At tenth level the Operative gains access to the more advanced teachings of the Cloak & Dagger, which make him two ranks higher. And at level thirteen the Operative learns the secrets of the Black Bag Op, which make him three ranks higher.

Sleeper Hold, , No Noise and Sleep Tight: At level seven the Operative gains the Sleeper Hold ability. Whenever an enemy cannot defend himself (whether by not knowing the Operative is present or by being physically unable to defend himself) damage dealt to them by the Operative is doubled. No Noise at level eleven, deals triple damage. And finally, at level fourteen, becomes Sleep Tight, which deals quadruple damage.

Directive: The training process an Operative must undergo is rigorous, painful and instills great loyalty in them. Whenever someone tries to use the Intimidate Skill against the Operative in order to gain information that would harm the Operatives masters, fellows or loved ones the interrogator is considered one rank lower then he actually is. If this puts the interrogator below untrained then the attempt automatically fails. This ability is gained at level eight.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Reconaisance
6 Covert Op
7 Sleeper Hold
8 Directive
9 Counter Intelligence
10 Cloak & Dagger
11 No Noise
12 Insurgency
13 Black Bag Op
14 Sleep Tight

Proficiency Points:
C: 5, 7, 9, 12, 14
S: 5, 7, 11, 13, 14
P: 6, 9, 13
F: 7, 10, 13


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