Bounty Hunter - Neutral Non-Force User Advanced Path

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Bounty Hunter - Neutral Non-Force User Advanced Path

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Bounty Hunter: Hunter, seeker, killer for hire. Countless enemies stand in the way of the Bounty Hunter's drive for credits. There are organisations that spare no expense eliminating these threats, offering massive bounties to employ the galaxy’s most lethal hunters. Having a bounty on your head means a life spent in fear, constantly looking over one’s shoulder for these guys. It’s never a question if a Bounty Hunter will find you… only when.

Both infamous and anonymous at the same time, Bounty Hunters are far more than mercenaries for hire—they’re heirs to a professional legacy—an ancient brotherhood with a glorious history. Tracking elusive targets across multiple star systems requires expertise, especially when the targets can be prominent, powerful, and often prepared for confrontation. Thrill seekers from all walks of life set out to become Bounty Hunters, but only the most hard-boiled survive in this competitive and deadly business.
The Bounty Hunter’s path lies along the edge—the stakes are always high—and the path only leads two places, to a life of infamous glory… or to a quick and ignominious death. Bounty Hunters are mercenaries for hire who track down and capture or kill anyone with a price on their head, although they are also known for doing nearly anything for the right price including the protection of clients. The best bounty hunters were very well armed and have very effective weapons, making them even more dangerous. There are, however, plenty of incompetent specimens throughout the galaxy, lacking any real skill but wishing to get rich quickly or simply seeking adventure.

Special Abilities:

Special Abilities:

Combat Training: At level five the Bounty Hunter learns to fight with the traditional weapons of the Hunter. If the Bounty Hunter is already trained with a Rocket Launcher then he gains a rank in Chaingun, if he isn't already able to use Rocket Launcher then he learns to use Rocket Launcher and gains a rank in the Heavy Weapon Combat Form.

Credit Hunter, Pay Seeker, Banker: The Bounty Hunter is specially trained to fight his enemies. At level six the Bounty Hunter is known as a Credit Hunter and any damage he does against a Jedi, Sith or Jensaarai is one and half times the usual amount. At level ten he becomes a Pay Seeker and the damage multiplier against Jedi, Sith or Jensaarai is increased to two times. Finally, at level thirteen, the Bounty Hunter becomes a Banker; any damage he does against a Jedi, Sith or Jensaarai is increased to two and a half times the normal amount.

Weapon Focus: At seventh level the Bounty Hunter gains the Weapon Focus perk. He gets to choose the weapon.

Dodge: At level eight the Bounty Hunter gains the Dodge perk even if he doesn’t meet the prerequisites. Should the Bounty Hunter already possess the Dodge perk then he may take a combat-oriented perk of his choice.

Martial Arts: At ninth level the Bounty Hunter gains the Martial Arts perk. If he already possesses this perk then he may choose a different combat-oriented one instead.

Mutual Advantage: At eleventh level the Bounty Hunter chooses a specific type of military unit (infantry, cavalry, marine, grenadier, etc.) that he has been trained with. When fighting with this sort of group he fights more effectively than normal.

Combat Mastery: At level twelve the Bounty Hunter gains a rank in the Combat Form of his choice.

Special Privileges: The many battles the Bounty Hunter has fought in have taught him how to effectively lead a unit in combat. When in a unit of the same type as his Mutal Advantage ability the others in the squad receive the same benefits as the Bounty Hunter does from Mutual Advantage.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Combat Training
6 Credit Hunter
7 Weapon Focus
8 Dodge
9 Martial Arts
10 Pay Seeker
11 Mutual Advantage
12 Combat Mastery
13 Banker
14 Special Privileges

Proficiency Points:
C: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14
S: 7, 9, 12
P: 5, 6, 11, 12
T: 7, 9, 12


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