Gunslinger - Neutral Non-Force User Advanced Path

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Gunslinger - Neutral Non-Force User Advanced Path

Post by Guest on Mon May 28, 2012 10:42 pm

Gunslinger: A gunslinger was a type of smuggler that appeared during the years of the Great Galactic War and the Cold War that followed it circa 3,653 BBY. Gunslingers served the Galactic Republic and were known for their phenomenal skill with blaster pistols, making them deadly in battle. Master of the trick shot, the first to dive for cover and willing to take advantage of every opportunity, the Gunslinger and his dual blasters are the perfect team. The Gunslinger can shoot out a man's legs to keep him from charging, blind him so he can't get to his weapons or inflict serious injuries for maximum distraction. There's a right target for ending every disagreement and the Gunslinger knows them like the inside of his ship. These days they serve the Jedi Grandmaster, Sith Emperor or Jensaarai Saari-kar and aid the military with supply lines of whomever pays the most.

Special Abilities:

Flank Him, Flank Them and Strike Now: At level five the Gunslinger gains the Flank Him ability, which makes him one rank higher than he actually is in the Move Silently Skill. At level nine this is upgraded to the Flank Them, which makes the Gunslinger two ranks higher than he is. And at level twelve the Gunslinger achieves the Strike Now ability and is considered three ranks higher than he is in the move silently skill.

Silent Witness, My Silent Partner, Open Casket: The Gunslinger specializes in long-range combat and as such knows the in's and outs of a sniper rifle. At level six the Gunslinger learns the secrets of the Silent Witness. These teachings make him a rank higher than he actually is in the Hide Skill. At tenth level the Gunslinger gains access to the more advanced teachings of the sniper and unlocks the My Silent Partner ability, which make him two ranks higher. And at level thirteen the Gunslinger learns the secrets of the Open Casket, which make him three ranks higher.

Critical, Deadly and Fatal Shot: At level seven the Gunslinger gains the Critical Shot ability. Whenever an enemy cannot defend himself (whether by not knowing the Gunslinger is present or by being physically unable to defend himself) damage dealt to them by the Gunslinger is doubled. This becomes Deadly Shot at level eleven, which deals triple damage. And finally, at level fourteen, becomes Fatal Shot, which deals quadruple damage.

Explosive Dilemma: Teaches the Gunslinger to use explosives and advanced tech to sustain a longer assault. At level eight the Gunslinger learns the arts of sabotage and as such gains a rank in the demolitions skill.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Flank Him
6 Sneaky Devil
7 Critical Shot
8 Explosive Dilemma
9 Flank Them
10 Where Did He Go
11 Deadly Shot
12 Strike Now
13 Open Casket
14 Fatal Shot

Proficiency Points:
C: 5, 7, 9, 12, 14
S: 5, 7, 11, 13, 14
P: 6, 9, 13
T: 7, 10, 13


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