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Jedi Force User - Jedi Sentinel

Post by Guest on Mon May 28, 2012 7:39 pm

Jedi Sentinels are the protectors of the sacred sites of the Jedi Order and elite bodyguards for their allies. Where as Guardians are sent out to combat threats to the Order head on, Sentinels are dispatched to more defensive positions. The path of the Sentinel is the least followed as it requires the practitioner to maintain a balance between combat expertise and knowledge of the Force.

Special Abilities:

Starting Abilities: At first level Jedi Sentinels receive a Perk of their choice (they must still meet the Perk’s prerequisites, if there are any), four Skill points and a Rank in the Blaster Pistols and Simple Weapon Groups.

Lightsaber Training: At second level a Jedi Sentinel gains the ability to use a single-bladed Lightsaber and a Rank in the Shii-Cho saber style.

Force Training: Jedi Sentinels gain the Key Power Control at first level, Alter at third and Sense at fourth.

Lvl Special Abilities
1 Control
Starting Abilities
2 Lightsaber Training
3 Alter
4 Sense

Proficiency Points:
C: 3
S: 2, 4
P: 3
F: 4


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