Sith Force User - Dark Force Adept

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Sith Force User - Dark Force Adept

Post by Guest on Mon May 28, 2012 7:32 pm

Dark Force Adepts are Force users who have embraced the Dark Side but have not been trained in the ways of the Jedi. Without the benefit (or perhaps detriment) of Jedi training the Dark Force Adept has to learn the ways of the Force either on his own or under a teacher who follows a tradition of Force use other than the Jedi’s. The Nightsisters of Dathomir and the Prophets of the Dark Side are both examples of Dark Force Adept organizations. In the Ancient Sith Empire all Sith began their training as Dark Force Adepts.

Special Abilities:

Starting Abilities: At first level Dark Force Adepts receive a Perk of their choice (they must still meet the Perk’s prerequisites, if there are any), three Skill points and a Rank in the Blaster Pistols and Simple Weapon Groups.

Force Weapon: At second level the Dark Force Adept gains the ability to imbue a non-powered melee weapon (such as an axe, knife or club) they wield with the Force. Doing so requires fifteen minutes of concentrating on the weapon. Once so empowered the weapon becomes highly deadly and sturdy, easily a match for a Lightsaber. A Force Weapon can withstand strikes from a Lightsaber or blaster fire. It can shatter melee weapons that do not have a cortosis weave but it cannot reflect blaster bolts back at their source like a lightsaber nor can it channel the Force like a Sith Sword. A Force Weapon loses its powers and must be recharged with the Force to regain them after twenty-four hours.

Force Talisman: At fourth level the Dark Force Adept can store Force Powers in a small personal effect, such as a necklace, ring or coin. The process takes a full day of concentration. Up to three Force Powers can be stored in a Talisman; these can all be the same Force Power, three different ones or two of one and one of another. Once a talisman is prepared the Dark Force Adept can unleash any of the powers at will without actually having to call on the Force himself, thus allowing him to use his energy towards other Force Powers. Once all three charges are used the talisman becomes a regular item again though it can be turned into a talisman again with another day’s meditation.

Force Training: Dark Force Adepts gain the Key Power Control at first level, Sense at third and Alter at fourth.

Lvl Special Abilities
1 Control
Starting Abilities
2 Force Weapon
3 Sense
4 Alter
Force Talisman

Proficiency Points:
C: 2
S: 2
P: 2
F: 3, 4


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