Jedi Republic Ranks

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Jedi Republic Ranks

Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:55 am

Ranks for the Jedi and the Republic Military. (Can be added to later as board use increases. Longer versions posted in pertinent sections.)

Holy Order of the Jedi Knights

1. Jedi Grand Master- Grand Master of the Holy Order of Jedi Knights. A Jedi skilled in the use of the Light Side of the Force, wise, learned in the lore and history of the Jedi and the Galaxy chosen by the Jedi High Council to lead the Order.
2. Jedi Council Member- A Jedi holding at least the rank of Master who has been chosen to have a seat on the Jedi High Council.
3. Jedi Master- A Knight who shows great understanding of the Force and has managed to instruct a Padawan and train them successfully to the level of a Jedi Knight is elevated to the rank of Master by the HIgh Council.
4. Jedi Knight- Following a period of nearly a decade of one-on-one training with a master, a disciplined Padawan who has passed the Jedi Trials has their braid severed by the High Council and are elevated to the rank of Knight.
5. Jedi Padawan- After being selected for individual tutelage by a single Jedi Knight or Jedi Master and having passed the Jedi Initiate Trials an initiate became a Padawan. Each Jedi Knight or Master was only allowed one Padawan at a time.
6. Jedi Lore Keeper- This rank is specific to keeping the Archives and is similar to a head Librarian though much more complex in nature due to the vastness of the material.

Jedi Military and RSF Ranks

1. High Jedi General-While the Jedi Order was not a military order per se in times of need it's members became Generals and led troops in battle. Masters and Knights were typically given the rank of General when leading forces.
2. - Jedi Commander- Jedi Padawans/Knights who lead forces into battle were given the rank of Jedi Commander

Non Force User Military Ranks

Republic Starfighter Corps

1. Ace- A member of the Starfighter Corps was typically referred to as an Ace.

Republic Army

1. Republic Trooper- Member of the Republic Army at the lowest rank

Republic Navy

1. Admiral of the Fleet-Highest ranking officer of the Republic Navy.
2. Admiral- ranking officer who leads a Battle Group.
3. Commodore-ranking officer who leads a Squadron
4. Captain- ranking officer who leads a Section
5. Marine-regular member of the Republic Navy

Republic Security Forces

1. Director- Chief of the Republic Security Forces
2. RSF Agent- A Jedi or civilian who gathers and collects information for the Republic. Sometimes travels to planetary or sector zones where there are issues, crises, or dissent to gather intelligence.

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