Jensaarai Force Warrior - Jensaarai Advanced Path

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Jensaarai Force Warrior - Jensaarai Advanced Path

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Jensaarai Force Warrior:

Force Warriors were a sect composed of Jedi and other Force users who practiced a unique form of unarmed combat until they were inducted into the Jensaarai. The sect focused heavily on control; mixing meditative techniques and martial arts in a primitive yet potent form. The Force flowed through their bodies, allowing them to strike unarmed with expert precision and incredible power; a master of the art was able to far surpass unaided masters of martial arts such as Echani and Teräs Käsi, though most Force warriors learned various martial arts styles to further enhance their control and skill. Force Warriors also developed potent defenses as part of their meditations; a danger sense that allowed them to instinctively dodge attacks and escape fatal blows. Despite their powers, most were not warlike in nature. Many among them sought physical and mental discipline rather than simply to become unstoppable fighting machines.

Force Warriors were rare among the Jedi, especially considering the prestige and abilities offered by the use of a lightsaber. As its use grew, their numbers shrank, though far more of them were able to survive the Purge than their more obvious brethren. Outside of the Jedi Order, occasional small schools or other self-taught Force-sensitive beings discovered the art of control on their own before the Jensaarai took them all in.

Special Abilities:

Jedi Weapon Training: At level five the Force Warrior learns to fight with the traditional weapons of the Jedi. If the Force Warrior is already trained with Lightsabers then he gains a rank in Jedi Katana's, if he isn't already able to use Lightsabers then he learns to use single-bladed Lightsabers and gains a rank in the Shii Cho form.

Force Hunter, Force Eviscerator, and Demon: The Force Warrior is specially trained to fight their ancient enemies. At level six the Force Warrior is known as a Force Hunter and any damage he does against a Jedi or Sith is one and half times the usual amount. At level ten he becomes a Force Eviscerator and the damage multiplier against Jedi or Sith is increased to two times. Finally, at level thirteen, the Force Warrior becomes a Force Demon; any damage he does against a Jedi or Sith is increased to two and a half times the normal amount.

Weapon Focus: At seventh level the Force Warrior gains the Weapon Focus perk. He gets to choose the weapon.

Dodge: At level eight the Force Warrior gains the Dodge perk even if he doesn’t meet the prerequisites. Should the Marauder already possess the Dodge perk then he may take a combat-oriented perk of his choice.

Martial Arts: At ninth level the Force gains the Martial Arts perk. If he already possesses this perk then he may choose a different combat-oriented one instead.

Harbinger: At eleventh level the Force Warrior chooses a specific type of military unit (infantry, cavalry, marine, grenadier, etc.) that he has been trained to be part of. When fighting in this sort of group he fights more effectively than normal.

Lightsaber Mastery: At level twelve the Marauder gains a rank in the Lightsaber Form of his choice.

Death Dealer: The many battles the Force Warrior has fought in have taught him how to effectively lead a unit in combat. When in a unit of the same type as his Harbinger ability the others in the squad receive the same benefits as the Marauder does from Harbinger.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Jedi Weapon Training
6 Force Hunter
7 Weapon Focus
8 Dodge
9 Martial Arts
10 Force Eviscerator
11 Harbinger
12 Lightsaber Mastery
13 Force Demon
14 Death Dealer

Proficiency Points:
C: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14
S: 7, 9, 12
P: 5, 6, 11, 12
F: 7, 9, 12


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