Jensaarai Shadow Operative - Jensaarai Advanced Path

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Jensaarai Shadow Operative - Jensaarai Advanced Path

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Jensaarai Shadow Operative:

Silent killers and elite guerilla warriors, the Jensaarai Shadow Operatives bring silent death to their enemies. The greatest of Assassins are more at home in the shadows than they are in the light and even the greenest of them are unrivaled in the arts of stealth. For the enemies of the Jensaarai that know of the Shadow Operatives, a peaceful night without fear is hard to come by. The Lords of the Ancient Sith Empire were supposedly bound by service to the Dark Lord but the ambitions of the Council and other, lesser nobles, made this arrangement mostly theoretical. The Sith Assassins were first trained to covertly kill the political rivals of their patrons but the fall of the Sith Empire ultimately changed this role. Future Sith Orders did not use Assassins against their own members but, instead, began sending them to eliminate enemies of important position. The advent of the Rule of Two meant near-extinction of this Path as the Baneite Sith were almost exclusively Lords. Now though, a new contingent of Assassins stalks the darkness in service to the Dark Lord, striking deep into the heart of the Sith Empire’s enemies and some have chosen...most unexpectedly to become Jensaarai...neither jedi nor sith.

Special Abilities:

Silence of the Stars, Dark Whispers and Endless Night: At level five the Shadow Operative gains the Silence of the Stars ability, which makes him one rank higher than he actually is in the Move Silently Skill. At level nine this is upgraded to the Dark Whispers, which makes the Shadow Operative two ranks higher than he is. And at level twelve the Shadow Operative achieves the Endless Night and is considered three ranks higher than he is in the move silently skill.

Mask Of Fear, Shroud Of Darkness and Form of Silence: At level six the Shadow Operative learns the secrets of the Mask of Fear. These teachings make him a rank higher than he actually is in the Hide Skill. At tenth level the Shadow Operative gains access to the more advanced teachings of the Shroud of Darkness, which make him two ranks higher. And at level thirteen the Shadow Operative learns the secrets of the Form of Silence, which make him three ranks higher.

Anticipatory, Deadly and Mortal Blow: At level seven the Shadow Operative gains the Anticipatory Blow ability. Whenever an enemy cannot defend himself (whether by not knowing the Shadow Operative is present or by being physically unable to defend himself) damage dealt to them by the Shadow Operative is doubled. This becomes Deadly Blow at level eleven, which deals triple damage. And finally, at level fourteen, becomes Mortal Blow, which deals quadruple damage.

Don't Test My Loyalty: The training of an Shadow Operative must undergo is rigorous, painful and instills great loyalty in the apprentice. Whenever someone tries to use the Intimidate Skill against the Shadow Operative in order to gain information that would harm the Shadow Operative’s masters, fellows or loved ones the interrogator is considered one rank lower then he actually is. If this puts the interrogator below untrained then the attempt automatically fails. This ability is gained at level eight.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Silence of the Stars
6 Mask of Fear
7 Anticipatory Blow
8 Don't Test My Loyalty
9 Dark Whispers
10 Shroud of Darkness
11 Deadly Blow
12 Endless Night
13 Form of Silence
14 Mortal Blow

Proficiency Points:
C: 5, 7, 9, 12, 14
S: 5, 7, 11, 13, 14
P: 6, 9, 13
F: 7, 10, 13


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