Imperial Sith Inquisitor - Sith Advanced Path

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Imperial Sith Inquisitor - Sith Advanced Path

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Imperial Sith Inquisitor:

Emperor Palpatine achieved a feat the Sith before him had only dreamt of, the absolute massacre of the Jedi. His brilliantly executed plot (known as Order Sixty-Six) left the vast majority of the Jedi Order dead but a few Jedi managed to escape. Enter the Imperial Inquisitors. The Inquisitors, or the Inquisitorius as they are known collectively, were Force Sensitives, loyal to Palpatine, charged with hunting down and either converting or killing those who were not. During the reign of the Galactic Empire the Inquisitorius was feared almost as much as the dreaded Darth Vader. Given carte blanche to do whatever was necessary to complete their mission by Palpatine, they utilized the Empire’s vast resources expertly in pursuit of their goals. Palpatine was ultimately defeated, however, and his Empire was shattered. The damage this caused to the Inquisitorius was immeasurable and it was nearly wiped out. It managed to survive only by serving the Imperial Remnant as an anti-Jedi corps on the battlefield but its days as the feared agency of the Emperor’s will was over. The final insult came when the Remnant joined the fledgling Galactic Alliance. The Inquisitorius, disgusted by the idea of fighting alongside the Jedi, tendered its resignation to the leaders of the former Imperial Remnant. Though such defiance was bold it was also dangerous and the Inquisitors were once more in very real danger of extinction. A danger that would have been realized were it not for the rise of a new faction in the Galaxy, the Obsidian Union and its Sith overlords. The Sith offered the remaining the Inquisitors a chance to return to their former glory by serving the Union’s Dark Lord as they had Palpatine. The Inquisitors agreed before the Sith representatives could even finish their pitch. Once more empowered as they were under the Galactic Empire, the Inquisitors pursue their task with renewed fervor, a task made easier by the teachings offered to the Inquisitors by their new masters. “Perhaps,” some amongst the newly reforged Inquisitorius reason in light of these recent developments, “it is not such a bad thing Palpatine fell after all.”

Lightsaber Training: One of the first things an Inquisitor must learn to do, if he wishes to survive, is fight with a Lightsaber, for his prey know the weapon well. At level five an Inquisitor gains a rank in the Lightsaber Form of his choice. If he isn’t trained to wield Lightsabers prior to entering the Inquisitor Advanced Path then he instead gains the ability to wield single-bladed Lightsabers and a rank in the Shii-Cho Lightsaber Form.

Resource Access: Funds are vital for the Inquistorius and even low ranking members have access to Union funds to use towards their mission. Gained at level six, this functions exactly as the Sith Lord ability of the same name.

Mission of Hate: An Inquisitor’s purpose is, first and foremost, to hunt down and kill Force Users or “change their mind”. Starting at level seven the Inquisitor does one and a half times damage against Force Users hostile to the Sith Brotherhood in combat and is considered a rank higher in the Intimidate Skill when using it against them.

Authority: The Inquisitorius has a fearsome (and well-deserved) reputation and its agents know how to use it to their advantage. An Inquisitor can use the Diplomacy and Intimidate Skills simultaneously against Non-Force Sensitives who owe their allegiance (even if it’s a halfhearted one) to the Obsidian Union. The target must know the Inquisitor to be a member of the Inquisitorius for this ability to work.

Campaign of Hate: At level nine the Inquisitor’s damage bonus increases to twice normal damage and his Intimidate bonus increases to two ranks.

Master Interrogator: As their name implies, Inquisitors are experts at extracting information. When conducting a formal Interrogation they receive a one rank bonus to their Intimidate Skill. If conducting a torture session designed to extract information this bonus increases to two ranks. This stacks with an Inquisitor’s other Intimidate bonus.

War of Hate: At level eleven an Inquisitor’s damage bonus increases to two and a half times normal damage and their Intimidate bonus increases to three ranks.

Dark Persuasion: At level twelve the Inquisitor's knowledge of 'strenuous persuasion' flowers into its full potential. Once per Mission an Inquisitor may bring a victim under his influence. To do so the Inquisitor must be performing a formal torture session. If the total of the Inquisitors Presence Stat plus his Intimidate Ranks is greater than his victim's Presence (and the person running the Mission approves) then the victim is brought under the Inquisitor's control. This minion is temporary and does not carry over. into future Missions. Furthermore, those with the Iron Will Perk are immune to this effect.

Mandate of Hate: At thirteenth level the Inquisitor’s damage bonus increases to three times normal damage and his Intimidate bonus increases to four ranks.

Exterminatus: One of the most terrifying powers granted to the Inquisitorius is the right to call for an Exterminatus. An Exterminatus is, simply put, the mass execution (without trial) of a specific group that an Inquisitor believes has fallen under the sway of the Jedi or Jensaarai. An Exterminatus must be targeted at a specific group (farmers, smugglers, Rodians, permanent residents of the planet in question, etc.). Once an Exterminatus is declared the Sith military shows up as soon as possible to carry out the order. An Exterminatus can only be declared on a planet controlled by the Sith Empire and can be cancelled before it begins by a higher level Inquisitor or the Sith Emperor. This ability is gained at fourteenth level and can only be used once per mission.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Lightsaber Training
6 Resource Access
7 Mission of Hate
8 Authority
9 Campaign of Hate
10 Master Interrogator
11 War of Hate
12 Commandeer
13 Mandate of Hate
14 Exterminatus

C: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13
S: 7, 10, 12, 14
P: 7, 14
F: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14


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