Sith Marauder - Sith Advanced Path

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Sith Marauder - Sith Advanced Path

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Sith Marauder:

Masters of the battlefield, the Sith Marauders are the martial arm of the Sith. They bring the enemies of the Sith to their knees through martial prowess augmented by the Force. In all the Brotherhood there are none more skilled in the art of combat than the Marauders. The Sith were born in battle. The Hundred Year Darkness was their womb and those Dark Jedi who fought on the front lines were forever marked by their Order’s bloody birth. Only slightly younger than the Dark Path of Sith Lord, the Marauders have always been there to bring death to the Sith’s enemies on the field of battle. In the time of the Ancient Sith Empire, the Marauders led the Empire’s Massassi warriors in combat thus establishing themselves not only as warriors but also as brilliant squad leaders. Though the institution of the Rule of Two caused the Path of the Marauder to languish, the establishment of the New Sith Brotherhood has sparked the creation of a new generation of Marauders. Now the warriors of the Sith stand ready to face off against any who would deny the Sith’s manifest destiny of Galactic rule.

Special Abilities:

Sith Weapon Training: At level five the Marauder learns to fight with the traditional weapons of the Sith. If the Marauder is already trained with Lightsabers then he gains a rank in Sith Swords, if he isn't already able to use Lightsabers then he learns to use single-bladed Lightsabers and gains a rank in the Sii Cho form.

Jedi Hunter, Killer, and Slayer: The Marauder is specially trained to fight the Sith’s ancient enemy, the Jedi. At level six the Marauder is known as a Jedi Hunter and any damage he does against a Jedi is one and half times the usual amount. At level ten he becomes a Jedi Killer and the damage multiplier against Jedi is increased to two times. Finally, at level thirteen, the Marauder becomes a Jedi slayer; any damage he does against a Jedi is increased to two and a half times the normal amount.

Weapon Focus: At seventh level the Marauder gains the Weapon Focus perk. He gets to choose the weapon.

Dodge: At level eight the Marauder gains the Dodge perk even if he doesn’t meet the prerequisites. Should the Marauder already possess the Dodge perk then he may take a combat-oriented perk of his choice.

Martial Arts: At ninth level the Marauder gains the Martial Arts perk. If he already possesses this perk then he may choose a different combat-oriented one instead.

Expert Soldier: At eleventh level the Marauder chooses a specific type of military unit (infantry, cavalry, marine, grenadier, etc.) that he has been trained to be part of. When fighting in this sort of group he fights more effectively than normal.

Lightsaber Mastery: At level twelve the Marauder gains a rank in the Lightsaber Form of his choice.

Expert Squad Leader: The many battles the Marauder has fought in have taught him how to effectively lead a unit in combat. When in a unit of the same type as his Expert Soldier ability the others in the squad receive the same benefits as the Marauder does from Expert Soldier.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Sith Weapon Training
6 Jedi Hunter
7 Weapon Focus
8 Dodge
9 Martial Arts
10 Jedi Killer
11 Expert Soldier
12 Lightsaber Mastery
13 Jedi Slayer
14 Expert Squad Leader

Proficiency Points:
C: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14
S: 7, 9, 12
P: 5, 6, 11, 12
F: 7, 9, 12


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