Jedi Researcher - Jedi Advanced Path

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Jedi Researcher - Jedi Advanced Path

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Jedi Researcher:

A Jedi Researcher was one of many specialized titles a Jedi Knight could earn while pursuing the title of Jedi Consular. Working within the Jedi Order to improve the Jedi Archives through theory and science.

Unrivaled in the more mystical aspects of Jedi tradition; the Jedi Researchers are the lore keepers of the Jedi. Researcher's have mastered Force Powers that most haven’t even heard of and are unrivaled in knowledge of and skill with the Force. Mystical and inscrutable, the Jedi Researchers risk not only life and limb but their very sanity in the pursuit of knowledge. The Researcher's evolved out of circles of biology, archeology, astronomy, philology or geology selling their expertise to patrons in exchange for potent artifacts and political influence. Now, with the rise of the New Jedi Order, the Researcher's ranks well once again, proving how indispensable these mystics are to the Jedi.

Special Abilities:

Fill Your Cup: Jedi Researchers are defined by their skill with the ancient arts of Force Magic. Sorcery costs only a single point each for purchasing ranks (see Force Magic in the Force Powers section for more). However, this mystical specialization takes its toll in reduced combat ability. Researchers must pay two points per rank for Exotic Weapons and Armor Proficiency. This comes into effect at level six.

Jedi Lore: Knowledge of the Jedi is first and foremost for the Jedi Reseacher. At level seven he gains a rank in the Knowledge (Jedi Lore) skill. Should he already have maximum ranks in this skill then he gains a rank in a different Knowledge.

Jedi Katana Training: At level seven the Researcher’s knowledge expands to include the favored weapon of the Ancient Jedi, the Jedi Katana. The Researcher gains a Rank in Jedi Katana's.

Healer: As the Jedi Researcher's training progresses he learns the healing arts and alchemical secrets of the Jedi Order. He gains a rank in the Alchemy Force Power at level eight and gains a rank in the skill Treat Injury and the Profession: Doctor.

Sith Lore: “Know thy enemy,” the old adage says and the Researcher heeds this ancient wisdom. At level nine the Researcher gains a rank in the Sith Lore skill. Should he already have maximum ranks in this skill then he gains a rank in the skill Jensaarai Lore.

Through The Ages: There are things that the entire Galaxy has forgotten, that no one one except the Jedi Researcher's. Gained at level ten the Through he Ages ability allows the Jedi Researcher to purchase a special fourth rank in any Knowledge skill.

Unwavering Eye: An Researcher's extensive knowledge of artifacts from the distant past affords him the ability to tell the finds from frauds. Starting at level eleven the Researcher is considered a rank higher than he actually is when using the Appraise Skill to determine the value and authenticity of an artifact.

Sorcery: At a certain point in his training the Researcher exhausts his previous sources of information and must turn to the spirits of dead to further his knowledge. At level twelve the Jedi Researcher gains a rank in the Sorcery Force Power Schools.

Enlightened: At level thirteen the Researcher’s knowledge of and familiarity with the Force is such that he can use his Force Powers one and half times more than normal.

Ancient Trinket: At fourteenth level the Jeid Researcher acquires something any scholar would be envious of, a Holocron. The player should work with a moderator to determine the exact nature of the Holocron and of which faction it originally belonged.

Lvl Special Abilities
5 Fill Your Cup
6 Jedi Lore
7 Jedi Katana Training
8 Healing
9 Sith Lore
10 Through The Ages
11 Unwavering Eye
12 Sorcery
13 Enlightened
14 Ancient Trinket

Proficiency Points:
C: 7, 10, 12
S: 7, 10, 12
P: 7, 10, 12
F: 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


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