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Accounts and Registered NPC's Empty Accounts and Registered NPC's

Post by Jolie Zindargo on Wed May 09, 2012 12:08 am

Each person is allowed several accounts on PDS. Each member is allowed a primary and secondary character. So your main character could be a Sith and your secondary a Jensaarai. Both of those characters can move up and rise in rank.

We are going to allow three registered NPC's. That means you would register as though a new account then you have to list that character at the bottom of your main character bio. You would then do a short bio and place it in the NPC bio area for approval. There will be some differences with the Registered NPC's.

Registered NPC's can not rank higher than your highest rank and even if they have greater rank than someone else's main character they can not supercede that other member's character. They are to be used specifically to enhance roleplays and have no power on the board.

They can not become mods or admins.

Their force powers and abilities must be kept reasonable and moderate. They can not have greater powers than the board leaders.

Accounts and Registered NPC's 2012-114
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