Colosseum Planetea Dueling Center

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Colosseum Planetea Dueling Center

Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:14 pm

Colosseum Planetea Dueling Center is a planetoid where holographic technology combined with the use of the Force power of Illusion is utilized to create a varied dueling enviroment. The duelers choose the terrain, creatures, etc they wish to be within the duel enviroment and the program creates the scenario.

The duelers are then able to duel on the planet, in a swamp, on a mountain, etc as preferred. The planetoid also has natural ecosystems which can be dueled in such as an ocean and an active volcanic mountain range. Choose your weapons and terrain. May the best dueler prevail! But have fun doing it.

Please follow the rules of the Dueling Center which are the same as the site rules. In particular the no God Modding rule is stricltly enforced here. It is not fun to duel against an opponent who attempts to present their character as invincible which is not realistic even in the Star Wars Universe. Each duel must also have someone as Duel Supervisor.

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