Timeline of Passion Of The Darkside

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Timeline of Passion Of The Darkside Empty Timeline of Passion Of The Darkside

Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:49 pm

29 ABY- The Yuuzhan Vong War ends and the Galaxy begins to rebuild.
30 ABY- The Jedi Order and the Republic move to the planet of Adarlon as Coruscant has been Vong-formed. They are made welcome and begin to organize.
31 ABY- New buildings are built on Adarlon to accomodate the Republic and the Jedi Order. The Temple Complex is completed and construction of the Rotunda Magnus is well underway.
Shadow Lord Blazze chooses Naboo as his Home World and the building of Arx Potentia begins.
The Sith Empire takes new form on Korriban and beside the tombs the City of Nyx Urbis rises in the darkness.

Timeline of Passion Of The Darkside 2012-114
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