Passion Of The Darkside Rules (please read)

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Passion Of The Darkside Rules (please read)

Post by Jolie Zindargo on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:27 pm

Rules of Collision of Destinies
The rules of Collision of Destinies are simple. Please read and follow them. The rules will be enforced by myself, Darth Lucifer, Lady Loon, Cameron Krill and Shadow Lord Blazze. Any questions, please contact one of us for clarification.

1. No Godmodding Godmodding is usually an attempt to make your character superior to the other players on the board. But no one is invincible and the SW characters were not portrayed to be so in the movies. Neither will it be allowed here. Godmodding is upsetting to the other members and makes roleplays totally unrealistic. Remember that creative does not necessarily mean lacking in realism.
2. No Fighting Among Members If you have a problem with a fellow member please first try to address it in pm. I know that is hard to do in the heat of the moment, but please try. If that fails ask staff to intervene. Or a dispute can be taken to the Mediation Chamber where staff will hear both sides of a dispute and issue a ruling and solutions to the issue at hand.
3. The Site Creator is the primary site authority (that being me) along with Shadow Lord Blazze, Darth Lucifer and Lady Loon. You can say your piece, but we expect it to be done respectfully. Staff bashing will not be tolerated.
4. Do not interrupt roleplays or other forums with unrelated or irrelevant posts Meaning Poster A says he used force push to throw a large stone....Poster B says he put up force shield to keep from being hurt....Poster C enters and says his ship is ready to dock. Don't be poster C. That is disruptive to the flow of a roleplay. Try to keep things in order and flowing smoothly.
5. Any problems should be sent to a mod or admin. If something isn't working properly, you want to change something, etc. let us know.
6. Do not publicly or privately disrespect any member. If proven immediate action will be taken.
7. There is no killing off of any character without User Permission and Site Leadership approval.

For Minor infractions one or two warnings may be issued depending on the offense. But for larger infractions we have a three strikes and you are out policy-
a. First offense is a day suspension
b. Second offense is a two week suspension
c. Third offense is a permanent ban.

Please follow the rules and everything will go well. The board can focus on fun. Thank you.
Jolie Zindargo

Jolie Zindargo
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